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Bulletin Bottle [.com] is a hand-curated selection of custom water bottles featuring a variety of colors, designs, and material choices for your unique brand identity. All custom water bottles on Bulletin Bottle [.com] are BPA free. Water bottles that are denoted as child-safe are age graded and tested for CPSIA compliance. Click for more information on custom water bottles and product safety.

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Tritan Water Bottles sold by Bulletin Bottle

Tritan Water Bottles

Our Tritan bottles are durable, odorproof, and BPA free. Learn more before you buy:

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Bulk Water Bottles sold at Bulletin Bottle

Bulk Water Bottles

Our hand-selected water bottles come in all different designs! Find out more about buying water bottles wholesale:

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Team Water Bottles Custom Printed: Not Just for Sports!

It’s spring, which means extracurricular activities at schools and nonprofits across the country are ramping up big time. Selling team water bottles custom printed with logos and messaging are great ways to help fund these programs!

Many people think of sports when they consider team water bottles. Make no mistake, these bottles are for so much more than just sports teams. Team is defined, in part, as “a number of persons associated in some joint action.” Chess club, environmental club, drama club, student council—these are all teams in some regard! With school budgets and extracurricular activities in flux, organizations are looking for new, creative ways to raise money. Continue reading

Buying BPA Free Bottles Wholesale? 5 Things to Know

Buying BPA free bottles wholesale is a great way to save money on your water bottle project. It also shows that you’re putting your recipient’s safety first. But, what is BPA and what do you need to keep in mind? Here are five things to know about buying BPA free bottles wholesale:

1. Why you should care. BPA is a chemical that’s used to harden certain plastics and resins. These plastics are used in containers that store food and beverages (like water bottles). Some research has shown that BPA can leach into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA. Additional research suggests a possible link between BPA and health effects. Why should you care? Um, health and safety.: Continue reading