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Custom Glass Water Bottles

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About Our Custom Glass Water Bottles

Bulletin Bottle is proud to offer a hand-picked selection of custom glass water bottles. Glass is made from sustainable raw materials and doesn’t alter the taste of its contents. It also can be recycled over and over with no loss of purity. Every custom glass water bottle is dishwasher safe, though we recommend hand washing plastic and silicone components (like lids and sleeves). Glass water bottles have a very high-perceived value and whether you choose a one-color screenprint or a full color imprint, your logo will stand out. Buying glass water bottles in bulk allows you to spend less money per bottle while maximizing the investment in your branding. Another way to customize glass water bottles is by choosing one that comes with a silicone sleeve. These protective full and partial sleeves come in a lot of color options, which means you’re sure to find one that compliments your artwork or messaging. Wholesale glass water bottles will leave a favorable impression on anybody who receives one!

Choosing the Best Custom Glass Water Bottles

The only differences between custom glass water bottles are price and features, right? Wrong! Surprised? Believe it or not, not all glass is created equal, which means that there ARE material differences to consider when shopping for the best custom glass water bottles for your project. ...READ MORE...

Custom Glass Water Bottles: Classic and Stylish

Custom glass water bottles are at once classic and stylish, and Bulletin Bottle is proud to offer a hand-picked assortment of them. Glass is a time-tested, preferred water bottle material for lots of reasons. Custom glass water bottles are made from sustainable raw materials and can be recycled over and over again—with no loss of purity. It’s this clarity that keeps water tasting like water, with no altering of its flavor the way that some metal and plastic bottles can leave an ever-so-slight aftertaste (that’s only perceptible to some). ...READ MORE...

How do I wash my glass water bottle?

Glass is the only water bottle material besides Tritan copolyester that is dishwasher safe. You may put your glass bottles in the dishwasher or hand wash them with hot water and dish soap. ...READ MORE...