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Custom Aluminum Water Bottles

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About Our Custom Aluminum Water Bottles

Custom aluminum water bottles are popular options for metal water bottles, and Bulletin Bottle is proud to feature a hand-picked selection in popular designs. Our aluminum water bottles feature quality construction and a wide variety of colors. Because aluminum reacts with certain liquids, aluminum water bottles must be lined–typically with an enamel, resin, polymer, or epoxy. All of our aluminum water bottles have BPA-free, food-grade liners. BPA-free aluminum bottles are lower-cost alternatives to trendy stainless steel. They are lighter than stainless bottles, and have a higher perceived value than plastic water bottles. We recommend hand-washing aluminum water bottles with warm water and dish soap. A bottle brush can be used to ensure the inside of the water bottle is cleaned. BPA free aluminum bottles are popular and here to stay!

Stainless steel vs aluminum water bottles: which is best for me?

Stainless steel water bottles and aluminum water bottles often look and feel similar. However, there are major differences between the two. We’ve outlined the pros and cons of stainless steel vs aluminum water bottles here. Whichever type you choose, remember to wash your bottles every day. ...READ MORE...

How do I wash aluminum water bottles?

We recommend that you hand wash aluminum water bottles with hot water and dish soap. A long-neck brush can be used to ensure the bottom of the bottles are getting clean. Baby bottle brushes work great! ...READ MORE...

BPA Free Aluminum Bottles: Why We Sell Them

When it comes to water bottles, some think plastic has a lower perceived value than metal. It doesn’t matter what the material actually is. That’s why our BPA free aluminum bottles continue to be oft requested items. Aluminum, while a big step down from stainless steel or glass, is still viewed as a fancier alternative to plastic—even Tritan. We disagree, but we also know a lot more than our average client (we should…we ARE the experts!). ...READ MORE...