Our Hand-Selection Process: What to Know!

You have probably seen us mention our hand-selection process quite a bit if you’ve been browsing around our site our talking to our team. If you’re interested in what that means and want to learn more about it, you’re in the right place! Our hand-selection process is something we are quite proud of, because we know just how rare it is in our industry.

Every single product that you see across our website has been hand selected by our team. There are millions of promotional products available for purchase out there, and with all those options comes a lot of confusion and misinformation about quality. This can make it a nightmare to shop around and find something that aligns not only with your marketing goals and objectives, but with your organization’s values as well.

We’ve been in this industry for almost 20 years so we understand how confusing it all can be, and we wanted to take that frustration and uncertainty out of the shopping process. Plus, we don’t feel good about selling products we personally wouldn’t want to sell or receive ourselves. So, part of the Bulletin Brands way is to order our team a sample of each bottle to personally test out. We want to hold each product in our hand and test it in our daily lives so we can confidently speak about it to our clients.

We don’t take this lightly! For example, earlier this year our team got together for almost 6 hours and went through 450 product samples one by one to examine and ensure each product met our (very high) standards. We went through new products as well as old products to ensure their quality hadn’t changed over time. We removed any bottles that we wouldn’t want to use ourselves and kept the ones we thought would make incredible custom merch! We asked ourselves: “Would I want to receive this bottle as a promotional product from a company?”, “Does this bottle actually work and is it built to last?”, “Would I feel proud to send this bottle to my clients?”. We’re not in the business of selling cheap, single-use bottles for a lot of reasons!

We love telling our clients about our hand-selection process because it truly sets their mind at ease. We do the research and heavy lifting for you! We make the process fun and productive so that you can focus on creating something unique and effective for your audience. If you have any questions about our products, process, team, or anything else please reach out! We are happy to answer any questions and assist along the way!

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