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Custom Recycled Water Bottles

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About Our Custom Recycled Water Bottles

Bulletin Bottle has a selection of recycled water bottles available for purchase. Why don’t we offer more bottles made from recycled content?  The answer is that it’s hard to guarantee the safety of the bottle material when using recycled plastics and metals. Consider metal bottles. The factory that manufactures many of our stainless steel bottles and our growlers doesn’t use postconsumer stainless steel because of potential safety hazards.  They can’t guarantee where the recycled metal comes from. What if the metal came from bottles that used to hold anti-freeze, motor oil or some kind of medical waste?  Yuck. We are always on the lookout for recycled water bottles to offer clients, but Bulletin Bottle won’t sell any recycled water bottle unless we are confident that the products, and the materials used in them, are safe.

Recycled Plastic: Is It Safe to Use in Water Bottles?

Everyone wants to ensure their recycled water bottles are safe to use, but as a consumer it can be difficult to figure out which products actually are. Well, safety is our #1 priority here at Bulletin Brands, so we wanted to dive deeper into this topic to set your mind at ease. ...READ MORE...