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Water Bottles for Kids Age 8 +

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About Our Water Bottles for Kids Age 8 +

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) ensures the safety of all consumer products and places special emphasis on children’s products. CPSIA has identified age grades for children. If you plan to distribute your water bottles primarily to children under 12, we WILL NOT sell you bottles that have not undergone CPSIA mandated testing for use by children in your recipient’s age range.  Water bottles for children ages 8 to 11 are exempt from small parts, sharp points, and sharp edge requirements. However, they still must be tested for other CPSIA requirements for children’s products (such as lower lead thresholds) that adult-intended water bottles do not have to undergo. Permanent tracking information (a series of discrete numbers) is required on all bottles purchased for kids age 8 to 11.