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Kids Water Bottles

About Our Kids Water Bottles

Water Bottles for Kids: Bulletin Bottle
Are you looking for kids water bottles? If so, you’ve found the right place! Bulletin Bottle’s hand-picked selection of kids water bottles ensures you find the perfect bottle for your organization’s project, while our product safety expertise offers reassurance that your bottles will meet all CPSIA guidelines. Shopping for kids water bottles can be daunting because you have to consider the age of the intended children when choosing a bottle. If they’re little guys, the water bottle can’t be too large (too heavy when full), or have twist-off caps (too hard for little hands to manipulate). You also need to think about durability. Older kids want hot colors, cool lids, and more capacity for drinks. Shopping for a mix of ages? Well then you have to take it all into consideration! Bulletin Bottle has done the legwork for you, and has cultivated a wide assortment of water bottles for kids. We’ve got your color, capacity, lid type, and price range—whatever it is you need! But, if you’re still not sure what kids water bottle is best for your project, just ask us! Our account managers are great at finding the right bottle for a client’s project. And since we hand-pick all of our water bottles for kids (and adults, in fact!), we have actually tested and used them (sometimes with our own kids!). So we can speak to these bottles with knowledge and confidence—just what you need when shopping for kids water bottles!


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Featured Content About Water Bottles For Kids

FAQ: Are Your Water Bottles Safe For Children?

If the PRIMARY recipient of your water bottle will be under the age of thirteen, this FAQ is for you! The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) ensures the safety of all consumer products and places special emphasis on children’s products.Every water bottle on Bulletin Bottle [.com] is BPA free, and has passed testing for applicable FDA standards. CPSIA has taken this testing one step further by identifying four age grades, and requiring certain testing on products for each group. ...READ MORE...

Water Bottles for Kids: Why You Need Tracking

Today, 178,000 water bottles were recalled by Zak Designs. The inner plastic straw in the cap can break and pose a choking hazard. Seven children reported plastic fragments in their mouths while using these bottles. So what does this mean for you? Well, in the unlikely event that one of our water bottles is recalled, the tracking makes it easy for the recipient of your bottles to determine if theirs is involved. Plus, it’s the law! ...READ MORE...

Kids Water Bottles: LL Bean Product Recall Information

The recent kids water bottle recall announced by LL Bean hammers home the importance of product safety—whether in the promotional products industry or in everyday shopping trips. It also reinforces Bulletin Bottle’s strict policy on child safety, and reminds us all of why this is in place. ...READ MORE...

H&M Bottle Recall: What To Know About Buying Kids Water Bottles

Many of our bottles have been tested for use by children ages 8 and up, and many have been tested for use by children ages 3 and up. BUT, many have not. Certain tests, like small parts and use and abuse, exist specifically to avoid situations like the H&M recall. As a company, we are committed to informing you about any safety regulations applicable to your product so you can select the best kids water bottle for your recipients. ...READ MORE...

Small Tritan Water Bottle with Straw: Good Things in Small Packages

The 20 ounce bottle is CPSIA approved for children ages 3 and older, and it’s obvious that the design is perfect for kids! The flip up straw lid is easy for even small children to operate and it has a generously sized carry hole on the lid to easily tote from place to place. With that in mind, I had my children test it out for a few weeks and tell me what they thought. ...READ MORE...