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Custom Printed Bottles
For events, fundraisers, promotions and retail stores
Can you help with school water bottle fundraisers?
Looking for fundraising ideas to raise money for your school or nonprofit organization? Tired of the same old catalogs? School water bottles sell themselves!

Fundraising with water bottles is a fun way to show support for the environment while educating the community about the problems with single-use, plastic water bottles.

Because Bulletin Bottles are custom printed with your logo, mascot or artwork they are more personal--and easier to sell.  The purchaser will feel good every time they use their water bottle because they are helping the environment while supporting your school.

Team water bottle fundraisers can be scaled down for smaller organizations too, like sports teams, environmental clubs, art programs, churches, youth groups, animal shelters and advocacy programs.

How does it work? Just browse through our online reusable bottle catalog and request a quote for anything that you're interested in.

  • Water bottles can be purchased in advance and resold at events and through friends/family.
  • Some schools prefer to create a simple order form to pre-sell for their water bottle fundraiser—and then order just what is needed.  We can provide you with a sketch of the bottle with your logo on it that can be used on the form.  Bottle quantities are then tallied, ordered in bulk and distributed when they are received.
Don’t forget, Bulletin Bottle [.com] offers school discounts on all of our reusable water bottles for fundraising.

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