What are your artwork and logo requirements?

In order to provide the highest quality imprint, your artwork should be a vector art file with fonts converted to outlines. A vector art file is a digital graphic file created in a program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The file extension is typically .ai, .eps, or .cdr. Vector files are resolution independent, meaning they can be accurately reproduced as a very small or very large image without sacrificing quality.

Digital files (.jpg, .gif, .tif) are accepted but will need to be redrawn as vector files. Hand drawings (sketches or children’s art) can oftentimes be redrawn as a vector file as well. PMS numbers may be specified and inks will be matched as closely as possible to the requested PMS numbers. There may be an additional charge for PMS color matching.

Artwork/logos can be emailed to art@bulletinbottle.com.

Bulletin Bottle is not responsible for reproduction of unauthorized trademarked or copyrighted artwork or logos supplied by customer.  Damages incurred as a result of unauthorized use are the sole responsibility of the customer.