What is your policy on over or under quantity ordered?

While we make every attempt to ship exact quantities on all our orders, custom orders are subject to ship and bill +/- 10%.

Um, okay…but what does this mean?

A long time ago, when screenprinting techniques were far less sophisticated, factories would add on 5% to 10% because that was about how many items came out wrong during the printing process. Sometimes it was even more (!), which resulted in orders being shipped with fewer items than were ordered.

Times have changed in this world, thankfully, but there are still times when things don’t go quite according to plan. The screens have been cleaned, the order has moved on, but there is a printing defect! Ugh. It happens.

It’s times like these when any overruns that are produced can be used to have the order ship complete.

We have very good relationships with our factories, and they in turn work hard to keep our clients happy. Most of the time, your order will ship with exactly the quantity you want. But for those rare occasions when your order has a few too many bags, we may bill you for those extra bags. Likewise if we don’t ship enough—you’ll get a credit for sure!