Can nonprofit water bottle fundraisers be successful?

Water Bottle FundraiserYes! We have lots of nonprofit clients who have found success with water bottle fundraisers! There are a few different ways nonprofit organizations manage their project:

1. Purchase in bulk for your water bottle fundraiser. Print the bottles with your logo, artwork, or message and then resell them in your community. By purchasing bulk water bottles in advance, you will have them on hand for events and for on-demand purchase at any time.

2. Create an order form for presales and then order just what you need. We can also provide a mock-up of the water bottle you are selling–with your artwork–to build excitement and help with your sales. Presale amounts are tallied at the end of the sales period and ordered in bulk. When the bottles deliver, you distribute them to the purchasers. The minimum order you must place for your water bottle fundraiser varies depending on which bottle you choose.

Bulletin Bottle [.com] is also proud to offer nonprofit discounts on most of our water bottles. Just let us know that you’re a nonprofit (whether you do a water bottle fundraiser or not) and we will apply any applicable discounts.

Think that cheap water bottles are the way to go for your fundraiser? Think again. That may not bring you as much money as you think. Read why in this blog.

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