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Reusable Water Bottles: Four Tips for Summertime

Reusable Water BottlesWith the ease of CDC restrictions and rise of warm weather, we are all ready to get out and enjoy the sun. Going to the beach, exploring nature, and getting to experience outdoor events are all things we have been  waiting for since last year. With the anticipation of finally being able to do events, make sure you stay hydrated with reusable water bottles. Summer is coming and COVID is on it’s way out! 

Having proper accessories like reusable water bottles with you can make (or break) your experience. With the hot sun gazing down on any and all activities you may have in store, it’s important to make sure you stay cool. Below are some tips on what to pack on your next outing to make sure you beat the heat! Continue reading

Promotional Water Bottles and Drinkware are #1 Items!

etb991061s-grCurious about how popular promotional water bottles and other drinkware are? Need some information to help justify your project?

Industry group Advertising Specialties Institute recently evaluated their company’s internal search data on the most popular promotional categories. Guess what the top two searches are regarding? Yep! Custom water bottles and promotional bags!

In fact, drinkware as a whole ranked number one in total searches every month in 2015 except for November, when bags took the top spot. In all other months, bags were the number 2 search. Continue reading

Five Unique Uses for Wholesale Water Bottles

Learn about unique uses for wholesale water bottles!
Learn about unique uses for wholesale water bottles!

Did you know that wholesale water bottles actually have the power to change your life in ways you might not have imagined?

It’s true. We’ve asked our country’s future (aka employee offspring) for their ideas on how our reusable water bottles can be used in ways that adults may not have previously considered. And boy did they have some great ideas!

We suggest heeding the advice of our special contributors, and trying out some of these oft overlooked uses for water bottles. You also may use them at your discretion for ROI justification on your custom bottle project:  Continue reading

Custom Printed Bottles: How to Recycle Them (Eventually)

Recycle Code NumbersLet’s face the hard reality: Some day you may have to get rid of some water bottles. Maybe you’re moving and need to lighten your load. Perhaps they’ve come to the end of their life span. Or—gasp—you just don’t like a certain water bottle and want to ditch it.

Wait! Don’t throw away your unwanted custom printed bottles. Find out how or if they can be recycled. Yes, you can likely recycle those poor bottles, furthering their sole purpose of decreasing plastics waste (you know, the reason you first switched to reusable bottles in the first place).

So how do you figure this out? Easy…just use the SPI’s resin ID coding system. Huh? What the…? Let us explain: Continue reading

Choosing the Best Custom Glass Water Bottles

debwb8293-allThe only differences between custom glass water bottles are price and features, right? Wrong! Surprised? Believe it or not, not all glass is created equal, which means that there ARE material differences to consider when shopping for the best custom glass water bottles for your project.

Glass is seen by many as the purest way to drink water. After all, glass is a non-porous surface, which means that it won’t absorb odors or tastes. Glass is the only widely-used packaging material considered “GRAS” or “generally recognized as safe” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It’s also 100% recyclable and can be reused endlessly with no loss in quality or purity, according to the Glass Packaging Institute. Glass water bottles can withstand high temperatures without melting, so you can feel free to put your glass bottles in the dishwasher without incident. (the same may not be true for add-ons like silicone sleeves or plastic lids). Continue reading

For the Kids: Top Eight Best School Water Bottles

School Water BottlesTeachers, PTA members, coaches, and administrators—we have a LOT of clients who buy water bottles for schools. They buy for fundraisers and jog-a-thons, to promote summer reading and healthy habits, and to celebrate new bottle fill stations.

Just poke your head into any classroom or lunchroom and you’ll see that kids love water bottles. They’re everywhere! Cool water bottles with school logos or fun graphics are coveted, especially when there’s a name block that allows for personalization with a Sharpie!

Ready to start your school water bottles project? Great! We’re ready to help. Here is a roundup of our top 8 favorite, kid-friendly bottles (in no particular order):  Continue reading

Custom Water Bottles: Five Things That Matter

Custom Water Bottles: 5 Things That MatterCustom water bottles printed with an organization’s logo or messaging are super popular! It seems that a perfect storm has been brewing for several years between environmental awareness (those single-use bottles…ugh!), government intervention (ban the bottle!), and a growing trend towards better health (tap water is awesome!). The result is a trend towards reusable water bottles that shows no signs of letting up.

Whatever your reason is for choosing a project involving custom water bottles, there are some things to know as you evaluate and ultimately choose a bottle for your branding. Continue reading

Finding Success with a Custom Water Bottle Promotion

Custom Water Bottle PromotionDid you hear about the crazy long lines at Google’s Mobile World Congress booth? The buzz was about, in part, their custom water bottle promotion.

The booth WAS pretty sweet. From smoothies to high-fives, robotic sketch artists to topiaries…it was full of mega-fun stuff. But Android’s custom water bottle promotion was a big deal at the show. Visitors could create a print and have it painted onto one of 5000 water bottles. Everyone wanted one!

But, what if you’re not Google? What if you want to make a big splash with your custom water bottle promotion, but don’t have unlimited funds? How do you create a buzz at your next trade show? Here are 5 things for you to consider: Continue reading

Five Reasons Why You Want a Tritan Water Bottle

I Love TritanYou may have seen recent blogs discussing our different bottle materials. Time and again, we refer to a Tritan water bottle as a quality alternative to an aluminum, glass, or other BPA-free plastic bottle. Does it seem like we just love Tritan? Well…we do! Here’s why the recipients of your water bottle project will too.

1. Dishwasher safe. BOOM. Really, do you need any other reason? For longevity of the imprint on the bottle, we do suggest hand-washing your water bottles in warm soapy water. But, a Tritan water bottle is very happy on the top shelf of your dishwasher, next to your glass water bottles. No other material should ever be washed in this manner. But all water bottles should be washed in SOME manner. Because gross. Continue reading