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Custom Water Bottles: Material Costs

If you’re thinking about purchasing custom water bottles with your own logo or design on it, you might have a lot of questions! One of them being: how much do custom water bottles cost anyway? One quick Google search will tell you: the cost of these items varies quite a bit! The most significant factor that affects the price: the material your bottle is made with! Continue reading

Custom Reusable Water Bottles with Your Logo!

In a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, businesses are seeking innovative ways to promote their brands while contributing to a sustainable future. One such eco-friendly marketing strategy is the use of custom reusable water bottles with logos. These bottles not only serve as a practical and functional gift but also convey a powerful message of sustainability and responsibility. Let’s delve into the benefits of custom reusable water bottles and explore why they make a remarkable promotional item! Continue reading

Custom Water Bottles: Five Things That Matter

custom water bottlesCustom water bottles printed with an organization’s logo or messaging are super popular! It seems that a perfect storm has been brewing for several years between environmental awareness, government intervention, and a growing trend towards better health (for ourselves and the planet). The result is a trend towards reusable water bottles that shows no signs of letting up!

Whatever your reason is for choosing a project involving custom water bottles, there are some things to know as you evaluate and ultimately choose a bottle for your branding. Continue reading

Which Company Party Favors Are Best?

Company parties are a fantastic way to build camaraderie among your employees and show appreciation for their hard work. One essential aspect of any memorable company gathering is the party favors! These tokens of appreciation not only create a sense of unity but also serve as promotional tools for your brand. So, you’re probably wondering what the best company party favors are, so let’s check out some of our favorites! Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Staying Hydrated with Reusable Water Bottles

There are a lot of different ways to prioritize your physical health, but one easy and accessible way to start making healthy choices is to simply drink more water! Water plays a pivotal role in maintaining our health and well-being. One of the easiest and eco-friendly ways to ensure you stay hydrated is by using reusable water bottles in your daily life! Not only are there numerous health benefits (that we will get into here!) of staying hydrated with reusable water bottles, but it’s also a sustainable and convenient choice too! Making this simple switch can have a profound impact on your overall health. Let’s get into the awesome health benefits that result in staying hydrated! Continue reading

Reusable Water Bottles with Your Logo: A Powerful Marketing Tool!

In the realm of modern marketing, creativity and sustainability are key players. As businesses increasingly seek innovative ways to make a lasting impact, reusable water bottles featuring your logo have emerged as an ingenious and eco-conscious marketing tool. These bottles not only promote your brand but also contribute to a more sustainable world. Let’s delve into the compelling reasons why reusable water bottles adorned with your logo are a smart investment for your marketing strategy! Continue reading

Reusable Water Bottles at School!

back to schoolAs our society becomes increasingly aware of environmental issues, schools play a pivotal role in instilling sustainable habits among the next generation. One simple yet powerful step towards a greener future is adopting reusable water bottles in educational institutions. By encouraging students to ditch single-use plastic bottles in favor of reusable alternatives, schools can foster a culture of eco-consciousness and positively impact the environment. In addition to the sustainability benefits, reusable water bottles are a great way to promote healthy habits for students and foster school spirit! Continue reading

What is the Right Material for Your Reusable Water Bottle?

With the increasing focus on sustainability and the reduction of single-use plastics, reusable water bottles have become an essential accessory for eco-conscious individuals. Given their popularity, they are an extremely effective promotional products for brands in almost any industry. However, with a wide array of materials available, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. Let’s check out the key factors to consider when selecting a material for your reusable water bottle! Continue reading

The Best Water Bottles for the Perfect Corporate Gift!

When it comes to corporate gifting, it’s important to find the perfect item that combines practicality, durability, and aesthetics. Water bottles have become increasingly popular as corporate gifts, promoting a healthy lifestyle and showcasing your company’s commitment to sustainability. Let’s explore five of the best water bottles (in our opinion) that make excellent corporate gifts, ensuring your recipients stay hydrated while also leaving a lasting impression! Continue reading

Reusable Water Bottles: Sustainability at School!

back to schoolAs the back-to-school season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about essentials for a successful academic year! While textbooks, notebooks, and backpacks often top the list, it’s equally important to prioritize sustainable choices. One item that can make a significant difference in reducing plastic waste are reusable water bottles. Let’s explore the importance of reusable water bottles for back to school, and discuss the numerous benefits they offer to students, the environment, and their overall well-being! Continue reading