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Want to Drink More Water? A Straw Can Help.

strawIt all started when I was testing out our Large Insulated Sports Bottle with Straw Lid last month. It looked like a great water bottle for working out and taking on hikes because of its large capacity and straw lid. I figured the straw lid would help my clumsy self from spilling everywhere! Long story short, this bottle quickly because my favorite and I was using it every day. Whether I was working from home all day or taking it to a volleyball game, this bottle was perfect. Aside from its great features, I also noticed something else …I was drinking a lot more water! But why? Continue reading

The Best Water Bottle for New Hire Training

reusable water bottlesThe recruitment and hiring process has been in full swing the past few years, and businesses look for their perfect employees to help them bounce back from the pandemic, and potential employees look for their perfect employer and position to stay with long-term. As more and more people move around from jobs to jobs, it’s more important than ever to find new and innovative ways to retain top talent, no matter the industry you’re in. Continue reading

Reusable Water Bottles: A Favorite for End-of-Year Employee Gifts!

As the weather gets colder and the end of the year is on the horizon, lots of organizations are starting to plan their end of year celebrations! Time off requests for the holidays, booking venues for the Christmas party, crushing goals to finish the year off strong, and so much more. A fun part of all that planning …the company gifts! Now more than ever, employee retention is extremely important for almost every business in any industry. No matter what service or product you’re offering, it’s imperative to have quality employees you can depend on! Creating a strong company culture is a huge part of making employees feel valued and content in their role. This time of year has plenty of opportunities to do just that, with the help of promotional products like reusable water bottles! Continue reading

5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Reusable Water Bottle

reusable water bottleThere are thousands of different reusable water bottles on the market these days. One Google search can bring up limitless websites and links to different bottles and companies. We know it can be overwhelming! With all of these options, where do you even start? To create custom promotional products that are effective and meaningful for your brand, it takes intention and planning. Let’s take a custom reusable water bottle for instance. After you decide that water bottles are the products you want for your project, then what? We’ve compiled our top 5 tips to help you start your project and create the perfect reusable water bottle for your project! Continue reading

The Most Popular Promotional Products in July 2022

We’ve talked many times about the immense impact promotional products can have for a lot of different objectives. From marketing your message to creating team culture, promotional water bottles are a powerful tool to use. Once you decide on utilizing custom merch to your advantage, you then must decide which product you want to use. There are thousands to choose from, so where do you start? Let’s dive into some data from last month, to see which products are trending and popular. In the top 10 most popular categories from last month, drinkware accounts for 4 of those categories! Continue reading

Plastic Bottled Water Consumption: Let’s Talk About It

Many of us, if not all of us, are already aware of the movement against single-use plastics and plastic bottles. Sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives have taken hold within a lot of different industries and demographics as consumers trend towards reusable alternatives. Although a lot of people are changing their habits and working to avoid single-use plastic, the issue of single-use plastic consumption, specifically plastic bottled water consumption, is extremely pressing. Let’s talk about it!  Continue reading

What is Upcycling?

There are a lot of ways to start living a more sustainable life, from daily habits to purchasing habits and everything in between, there is a lot we can incorporate into our daily lives to prioritize sustainability. One easy and effective way to do that is by making the switch to reusable water bottles from single-use plastic water bottles (and all plastic beverage bottles!). There are many different reusable water bottle options out there, and of course many different processes for producing those bottles. Let’s learn a bit more about one kind of production process called Upcycling, which is helping to reduce landfill waste in more than one way! Continue reading

Reusable Water Bottles are More Important Than Ever

plastic-freeSummer is in full swing, which means hot (and for our team here in Maine…humid) days are here to stay. More time outside in the heat and sun means that more people will be taking their hydration on the go. Drinking water and staying hydrated while outside in the sun are super important when trying to stay cool. We know that more people are reaching for their water bottle right now …but what kind of bottle are they reaching for? Unfortunately, for many it’s still a single-use plastic bottle rather than reusable water bottles. Continue reading