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Custom Water Bottles: Our Favorite Retail Brands!

If you’ve looked around our site and read through our blog, then you know that we love talking about all things custom water bottles! Not only have we been in the biz for nearly 2 decades, but we love keeping up to date on the latest trends, products, and customization options out there! We know that custom promotional products are an effective way to broadcast your brand and connect with your audience. And we love helping our clients find new and exciting ways to do just that. Choosing products from your favorite retail brands allows you to connect with your audience more effectively, because you’re using products that they already know and love! Continue reading

Our Favorite Promotional Products for Summer!

The weather has finally started to warm up here on the east coast, and that means the hot summer days are just around the corner! Days at the beach, hanging by the pool, hitting the hiking trails, or simply enjoying a cocktail in the backyard are finally upon us! Summer is a great time for releasing custom promotional products for your audience because the options truly are endless! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite promotional items for the summertime. No matter the industry you’re in, these are sure to become crowd favorites! Continue reading

Reusable Water Bottles: Perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teachers play an incredibly important role in our society for children and families alike. We love celebrating them! They are so appreciated by our team here and that’s why we’re excited to show some of our favorite reusable water bottles that we think make perfect gifts for the special teachers in your life. Not only do quality water bottles remind teachers to stay hydrated during a busy day, but they are also a small token of appreciation that can be used outside of work as well! Let’s check out some of our favorites as we near Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8th-12th). Continue reading

Color Ideas for Summer Water Bottle Promotions!

Spring is finally here, and summer is right around the corner! For summer promotions, that usually means colorful, bright, and fun vibes for your audience to enjoy! We know there are many projects on the horizon for most organizations as we look ahead to the summer months, so let’s take a look at some of our products that have stellar color options we think would be perfect for summer promotions! We of course have many reusable water bottles that offer full color printing for your custom logo or design, but let’s look at some bottles that offer bright and unique colors for the body of the bottle. Summer water bottle promotions never looked so good! Continue reading

The Best Water Bottles for Summer 2023

We know it’s only March and we all have our sights set on spring coming up, but before we know it summer will be on the horizon! With that comes a whole new set of marketing campaigns and ideas to implement, meaning it’s important to pick out a promotional water bottle that is trendy, stylish, practical, and aligns with your brand to help get your message across. Our team here at Bulletin Brands has done our research, we know the trends, and we have decades of experience in promotional products to help us cultivate a list of the best water bottles we think are perfect for summer 2023! Check out the full list below: Continue reading

What’s Trending? Check Out Our Newest Reusable Water Bottles!

We’re so excited to announce our latest round of new products we recently launched on our Bulletin Bottle site. From high-end retail brands to budget-friendly reusable water bottles, we have something for everyone here. Our team heads to Las Vegas at the beginning of every year for the PPAI Expo Conference to research the hottest products in the industry, and hand select the new additions for our site. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our high standards. Learn more about our hand selection process here. Continue reading

H2go Water Bottles: Shop Them All in Bulk!

H2go water bottles are a series of high-end water bottles that are very popular among businesses and consumers alike. And for good reason! Our clients love h2go bottles and we’re so excited to continue adding the newest additions to the series to our website for you all to shop right at your fingertips. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite h2go water bottles below! Continue reading