Celebrate National Recycling Week with Custom Recycled Water Bottles!

It’s National Recycling Week! This is a great opportunity to highlight sustainable habits in your organization, or to start incorporating more sustainable practices into your everyday routine! We know the importance of reducing our footprint and single-use plastic use, and this week is a great time to celebrate the progress we’ve made while recognizing the room we all have for improvement. Custom recycled water bottles are the perfect promotional product for an organization who values sustainability and wants to provide their audience with something that is aligned with their values.

We offer a wide range of water bottles that are made with recycled materials. You might be wondering how these bottles are made like that. Well, single-use PET drink bottles like water bottles, soda bottles, milk jugs and more are reclaimed from municipal recycling centers. Then those containers are sorted, shredded, and sanitized to meet FDA compliance to make rPET material. That material is then used to manufacture new, reusable water bottles! This goes to show how impactful recycling can be! When you recycle your milk jug, soda bottle, and other single-use materials, those can then be turned into new products. The beauty of recycling!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle was a phrase we all learned way back when, and it’s still true today! The first, most impactful thing we can all do is to reduce our consumption of goods. Then when that’s not possible, ask yourself how we can reuse what we’ve already consumed …cue these custom recycled water bottles! Then if you must use something brand new, make sure to recycle it! Keeping plastic out of our landfills and oceans is the least we can do when consuming brand new packaging and products. In other words …hydrate responsibly!

We hope you celebrate National Recycling Week with recycled water bottles and other eco-friendly products. We’ll be looking at our own daily routine to find opportunities to prioritize sustainability however we can. Recycling, opting for no bag at the store, walking instead of driving somewhere, purchasing some items at the farmer’s market …The opportunities are endless! Have fun and get creative with your promotional content this week! Happy Recycling!

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