Custom Water Bottles: Top Closing Gifts for Realtors

sold-signOK, real estate agents. Winter used to be the slow time, but does that even really exist anymore? In this market, houses are still selling and buyers are still on the lookout—especially in areas with low inventory and high demand. So let’s talk about closing gifts for realtors.

Your buyers and sellers probably aren’t making 30-year loan commitments just for the closing swag (but if they are, let us know what you hand out because we might want in on that!). That doesn’t mean you can’t offer a lovely thank you for their business when they’re done passing keys across the table.

Our clients have spoken, and here are our top 5 bottles that are used as closing gifts for realtors (you can check out our top bag gifts here):

  1. Traditional Water Bottle.  This Tritan bottle proves that you don’t need to be made of metal to have high perceived value. The large size, solid construction, and color selection make this a top bottle for our realtor clients.
  2. Large Simple Carabiner Sport Bottle.  A classic that comes in a wide range of colors, this bottle is a favorite because of its relatively low price point.
  3. Tritan Straw Bottle.  The subtle shot of color paired with an uncommon smoke base color combine with durable Tritan construction to make this a favorite!
  4. Slim Tritan Water Bottle.  What realtor doesn’t love a clean, sleek, minimalist home, er, water bottle? It seems that many do, because it’s a closing gift of choice!
  5. Thermal Growler with Handle.  If you’re looking for a beautiful alternative to a wine-related gift, consider a growler! In addition to this popular one, we have other growlers at lower price points. Pair it with pint glasses for a memorable gift (we can help with those too!)!

Custom bags and water bottles not your thing? That’s ok! There are lots more wonderful ideas  on Bulletin Basics. Our clients have given things like lip balm, golf balls, pint glasses, and more!

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