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Reduce Your Waste with Reusable Plastic Water Bottles

Reusable Plastic Water BottlesIt’s the New Year and we’re all trying to stick to our resolutions. Maybe you want to go to the gym more or spend less money. Our New Year’s resolution is to cut down on our waste and plastics usage! Reusable plastic water bottles help us keep our goal and stay hydrated.

It might seem crazy that the answer to plastics reduction would be reusable plastic water bottles, but it’s not! Reusable plastic water bottles are stronger than single-use plastics. If you want to read more about water bottle materials check out our blog post here. We also make sure that all our reusable plastic water bottles are BPA-free since we care about your health and safety. Continue reading

Create Team Spirit with Custom Team Water Bottles!

Custom team bottlesIt’s hard to believe kids are starting a new semester of school soon! Before we know it, springtime will be here and with that comes a new season of sports. Warmer weather, sunshine, and outdoor sports games are on the horizon, and we’ve got the gear to help you make this season the best yet! Custom team water bottles help to cultivate community and team spirit, in addition to being extremely useful for both the players and fans! No matter what team you’re rooting for this season, we’ve got a bottle perfect for the big game. Continue reading

Stainless Steel Water Bottles: A Great Alternative to Plastic!

Stainless Steel Sports BottleThere are a lot of different material options to choose from when deciding on a reusable water bottle. There’s plastic, BPA-Free plastic, Tritan, glass, stainless steel, and more. Deciding on a material can be overwhelming! Our site has tons of resources to help you pick out your perfect bottle, but here we will focus on stainless steel water bottles and why this great option is worth looking into for your next bottle!

You may be wondering what exactly stainless steel even is. Well as its name suggests, stainless steel is indeed steel. But unlike regular steel, stainless steel usually is rust resistant. This characteristic depends on the grade and quality of the stainless steel, since it’s used in such a wide range of goods. Continue reading

4 Ideas for Custom Wedding Favors

Insulated Can TumblersWhen planning a wedding there are hundreds of decisions to make, both big and small. From the guest list to the dinner menu, there’s a lot to figure out! Trying to decide on what to give as custom wedding favors? We can help! We have a great list of ideas that you can check out here, where we showcase some ideas from all three of our sites! In addition to that, we also wanted to add to that list and show you 4 more items exclusively from our bottles site that we are so excited about! Continue reading

Custom Water Bottles: Perfect for Any Occasion!

Customized Water Bottle
Custom water bottles have become increasingly popular in recent years for a host of different reasons. Why bother looking into custom bottles for your next event? We’ll break it down for you here!

A custom water bottle is just that, a water bottle with a customized logo or picture on it. The options out there are endless when it comes to choosing a graphic to put on your bottle. It’s the perfect accessory to put your logo or favorite picture onto, because water bottles are used every day by almost everyone! We offer a wide range of different bottles that will fit any occasion, from plastic to stainless steel to glass! Continue reading

Feel Fancy With Glass Tumblers and Bottles

Glass Tumblers Sometimes you want to feel fancy and elevated. While we want to spend an arm and a leg on a fancy dinner or day at the spa, we must find other options. Glass tumblers and bottles are a great way to feel fancy without spending tons of money. The glass material is sleek and brings some elegance to the table.

One of the most important parts of glass tumblers are the lids. Glass tumblers and bottles can have a straw or a regular lid. It all depends on the project you have coming up and what you like best! No matter which type of bottle you want we can help you find a great fit. Continue reading

Have Fun with School Water Bottles!

School Water BottlesNow that schools back in session it’s time to think about all the events we can do again. School spirit is high now that some schools are back to being in person. Having school water bottles can help boost school spirit and morale! They’re also a great way to make sure each kid has their own drinking bottle for school.

School water bottles can be simple with just your school’s name or logo on it, or you can completely customizable. We’re going to share some bottles that we love using as school water bottles and that are safe for all children to use! Continue reading

Pick Out The Best Water Bottle Lids For You!

water bottle lidsHaving a water bottle as versatile as you are important for your busy lifestyle. Something that’s easy to use and bring with you anywhere. While you’re focusing on the bottle and size you want, don’t forget about water bottle lids! Picking out the perfect lid is key to making sure you’ll love your water bottle.

Water bottle lids can be as simple as a lid with mouth spout or as intricate as a straw and flip lid. Whatever job you’re doing, there’s a water bottle that can fit your needs. We’re going to show you some of the different lids we have and why we love them so much! Continue reading