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Product Review: H2Go Frosted Rincon Glass Bottle

H2Go Frosted Glass Rincon BottleWe just added some great new products to our bottle page, and we wanted to review one for you! Our new H2Go Frosted Glass Rincon Bottle is a staff favorite. This show-stopping bottle is beautiful and easy to use. With so many amazing features, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you all about it!

We love testing out different water bottles to see how they stack up. Each water bottle is handpicked, to make sure that we’re only offering the best. Our staffer Mary has been using this bottle for the past two weeks. She noticed a lot about these glass bottles. Read along because we’re breaking down the pros and cons of our H2Go Frosted Glass Rincon bottle. Continue reading

Water Bottle Materials: A Basic Breakdown

Bottle MaterialsWhen you think of a reusable water bottle, you’re probably not thinking about the material it’s made out of. The material that these bottles are made will change the function that each bottle has! Not all bottles are made with the same function in mind. Some water bottle materials are equipped to carry hot liquids. Some only carry cold options. With all the options, it’s good to know the difference.

Knowing the difference in water bottle materials will help you narrow down your options! With so many options it’s hard to decide. We’re here to help you understand what makes each material different. Every material is unique, so the best way to tell what you’ll like is by doing some research. Let us help you! Below we’re breaking down each material and why we love them! That way you can choose the best bottle for you. Continue reading

Tumble Into Our Custom Tumbler Collection

Custom TumblerSummer is officially here, and we are so happy! It’s time to get back out and do the things we love again. When you’re on the go make sure you can go all day with a custom tumbler. We have a large selection of custom tumblers that would make a great addition to the summer season. Tumblers are stylish and versatile, making them the ultimate accessory for your next summer event.

A custom tumbler is a great way to leave a lasting impression! Our variety allows you to choose a tumbler that would best fit with the project you’re working on. Tumblers come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the best fit for you is crucial. Custom tumblers can get confusing, so let us introduce you to some different types of tumblers. Continue reading

Kid-Safe Water Bottles: The Right Option For You

Kid-Safe Water Bottles

Kid-safe water bottles are different than our other bottles. Why?

Safety is a top concern when looking for kid’s water bottles, and it’s one of ours too. Kid-safe water bottles get rigorously tested to make sure they are safe for your children to use. All water bottles get tested, but kid-safe water bottles get extra emphasis to make sure there are no choking hazards. Keeping kids safe is one of our main concerns, so we work with you to make sure you’re getting the correct water bottle for your next upcoming event. We also follow rigorous testing requirements so everyone can have fun without worrying. 

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) ensures the safety of all products, but they give special attention to kid-safe water bottles. This act makes sure that kid-safe water bottles are truly safe for kids. CPSIA breaks down four age grades and tests water bottles by the standards of each group. We take CPSIA very seriously, and we won’t sell you bottles that haven’t gone through CPSIA testing if you’re looking for kid-safe water bottles.

We’re going to talk about the best kid-safe water bottles for your specific age group. Each age group has different requirements for kids’ safety so let’s talk about them and help you find the right fit. Below you’ll find the four age grades and some great bottles approved for kids. Cute and functional! Continue reading

Lets Talk About Custom Tritan Water Bottles

Custom Tritan Water BottlesReusable plastic water bottles are one of the best things you can have. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they’re great for your personal health and staying hydrated. There are so many options when you look for a reusable water bottle, so you’ve probably heard of Tritan bottles. Tritan bottles are a great option, and we have so many custom Tritan water bottles that you’ll fall in love with!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk a little bit more about what Tritan is. Tritan is a BPA-free copolyester plastic that’s used to make these water bottles. What this means is that this plastic material is tested and safe for you to use. With our custom Tritan water bottles you don’t have to worry about bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S (BPS), or any bisphenol compounds that could leech into your beverage. So now that we’re more familiar with Tritan, let’s talk about the many different variations our custom Tritan water bottles come in. Continue reading

Custom Growlers: Why Your Brewery Needs Them

Custom GrowlersYou might notice your town’s old brewery or new local hotspot offering selections of their beer in custom growlers. These fun containers are popular at craft breweries for their easy transportation, environmental friendliness, and convenience of being able to bring home your favorite beer straight from the brewery (depending on your state). They come in different styles and materials, which allows them to be a great customizable piece for any brewery.

A custom growler is a fun alternative to bring to your weekend outing or to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. They have quickly become a popular item at local breweries with different variations depending on where you go. Our selection of custom amber growlers would make a perfect addition to your brewery! Continue reading

Fold Up Water Bottle Bag: Roll, Stow, and Go!

Fold Up Water Bottle Bag in useOur BPA-free Fold Up Water Bottle Bag is a great travel item. It rolls up and packs away well in a bag, backpack, or four-legged friend’s pack–or clip it anywhere with the included carabiner. Deborah recently took it with her when she traveled to the mountains, where, as she said, “fresh water flows clean”. Deborah commented, “It was easy to just pull out of my daypack, have a good cold sip of mountain water, and roll it back up.” Continue reading

New Twist on a Popular Item: Twist Tumbler

Twist Double Walled TumblerHere’s a fun, colorful item that will catch your eye! Our Twist Tumbler is a new twist on a classic design (see what we did there?). This double walled tumbler is not insulated, so it’s meant for cold drinks only, but it will keep the condensation at bay during the hotter parts of the year. It fits in most vehicle cup holders but is also fully capable of sitting on your desk all day.

Our staff tester, Deborah, took this 16 oz. tumbler with her on a road trip and gave us some feedback. She said, “I love the way this blue color brightens my mood! This tumbler is great for cold drinks as the double wall on it prevented sweating from the ice!” It fit great in my cup holders without vibrating around, and it was easy to grab and drink from on the fly. Continue reading

Staff Review: Large h2go Nexus Thermal Tumbler

Large h2go Nexus Thermal TumblerOur h2go Nexus Thermal Tumbler collection has it all. Three sizes, tons of colors, awesome print capabilities…and they’re insulated!

Our staff tester, Deborah, took a closer look at the Large h2go Nexus Thermal Tumbler and had a lot to talk about!

She said, “My husband was instantly drawn to the bright yellow color! He works outdoors, and the option for him to have ice cold water, hot coffee, or even a warm soup for lunch is a huge plus for him!” Continue reading

Rubberized Insulated Sports Bottle: The Best of the Best

Rubberized Insulated Sports BottleHere at Bulletin Bottle we really do hand-pick our items before putting them on the site. Sometimes, a bottle (or tumbler) comes along that we unanimously love SO much that we can’t stop talking about it. In the case of our Rubberized Insulated Sports Bottle, we went so far as to do a small run with OUR logo on it. We love it that much! Then Deborah graciously offered to write a staff review, so we’re sharing what she (well, what we ALL) think!

Deborah said, “This is the perfect bottle for business travelers or campers alike!” This bottle is kind of a hybrid, as it can be referred to as either a tumbler or a bottle. Either way, it’s got a classy, sleek design, which is universally appealing. Continue reading