Staff Review: CamelBak Wine Bottle

Our team’s Marketing Assistant, Ashley, took a deep look at the CamelBak Wine Bottle over the last few weeks and is sharing her honest thoughts about this name-brand, insulated water bottle. CamelBak is a brand we all know and love, so this bottle has a high-perceived value and good impression right off the bat!

Ashley loves a lot about this bottle, but the first thing she noticed was its trendy color and style. It’s high-end, all white color and sleek design made it a bottle she wanted to carry everywhere with her. Aside from looks, she was excited to find that the bottle itself out-performed a lot of her other insulated bottles and tumblers! She has used this bottle for everything from running errands to long beach days outside in the sun. It has kept her beverages extremely cold every single time! One night, Ashley forgot that she had left the water bottle in her beach bag. The next morning, she went to clean it out and it still had ice in it from the day before! Clearly the insulation does its job and does it well! She says that it’s been perfect during this hot summer, and she has loved having an ice-cold beverage while she’s on the go in the heat.

Another part of this bottle that Ashley loves is the bottom grip! This is a small feature that makes all the difference, and that sets this bottle apart from a lot of other reusable water bottles. On the very bottom of the bottle, it has a non-slip silicone pad that keeps it from sliding around or falling over. It provides a soft landing on surfaces to avoid scratches and spills, which has been a game changer! It’s helpful to have this feature when she’s at her work desk and using this bottle. She doesn’t have to worry about it scratching her desk! It also can hold 750ml of water, which is enough water to last her while she’s on the go! 

On top of being a great water bottle, it is also an amazing wine bottle! This bottle holds a full 750ml of wine, and the exclusive bowl-shape interior of the tumbler is shaped for amazing aroma and flavor.

This bottle is truly a go-to for Ashley and has easily become her favorite insulated water bottle this summer. With a retail brand like CamelBak, you know you’re getting a quality product and Ashley’s experience using it implies just that. She loves it! We have a whole category of insulated water bottles on our site that includes this bottle and many more. Reach out to our team today with any questions!

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