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Staff Review: H2go Colt Thermal Bottle

h2go colt thermal bottleToday we’re excited to share with you a staff review about the h2go Colt Thermal Bottle! We’re excited about this review because we’ve had this insulated water bottle on our site for a long time now, and it has been a stand-up, durable bottle for all this time! Time and time again our clients choose this bottle for their projects, and are not disappointed. Our Marketing Manager, Ashley, was able to try out this fan favorite for herself when she received an overrun from a client project. Let’s see what she had to say! Continue reading

Staff Review: Insulated Mug with Silicone Straw

custom tumblersIf you’ve read any of our staff reviews before, then you know how much we prioritize product quality on our sites. We don’t sell anything that our team wouldn’t personally use themselves, and we hand-select each and every product you see listed for sale by Bulletin Brands. With that being said, we love writing staff reviews about the products we test! Not only does this allow us to confidently speak about the product to our clients, but it ensure nothing slips through the cracks when we add new products to our site. So, let’s get into this staff review, by our Marketing Manager Ashley! Continue reading

Staff Review: h2go Surge Aluminum Bottle

h2go surge bottleStaff reviews are very important to us here at Bulletin Brands. Not only because it’s fun to try out lots of different products (because it is!) but because we pride ourselves on providing hand-selected, high-quality products to our client base. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our team personally testing out our products in their own lives! When you shop with us, you can trust us to know our products inside and out …because we’ve put them on our site for a reason! This is one of the many things that set us apart from the rest, so read more about our hand selection process and why we take it so seriously! Continue reading

Staff Review: h2go Lodge with Magnetic Cup Lid

h2go lodgeWhen it comes to marketing, our goal is to not only promote exceptional products but also to genuinely believe in and endorse them. At Bulletin Brands, you know we hand-select every product on our sites. And that means we have a lot to say about them! Let’s check out Ashley’s staff review about the H2GO Lodge Insulated Water Bottle with Magnetic Cup Lid – a product that has exceeded her expectations on every level! Continue reading

Staff Review: h2go Jolt Stainless Steel Bottle

We have a wide range of reusable water bottles from the popular h2go series, and the Jolt bottle is one of our newest additions! It comes in a wide range of fun colors, and it has some unique product features that are perfect for the summer months ahead. Our Marketing Manager, Ashley, got to test out the Jolt for herself the last few weeks, so let’s hear what she has to say about it! Don’t forget, we don’t sell anything on our site that our team hasn’t personally tested themselves. So, if you want our honest review on any product you see, just let us know! Continue reading

Staff Review: Slim Can Insulator & Tumbler

tumblerWe added a lot of new products to our site last year that we are so excited about, and our staff has been enjoying the new additions! Our Marketing Manager, Ashley, has been using one of our latest additions, the Slim Can Insulator & Tumbler. This insulated tumbler is super cool because it’s a two-in-one drinkware item. With just the switch of the top piece it transforms from an insulated tumbler to an insulated coozie. It’s your all-in-one item for parties and events! So let’s hear what Ashley had to say about it below! Continue reading

Our Staff’s Favorite Bottle Products!

custom tumblerAt Bulletin Brands, every single product you see on our sites has been hand-selected by our knowledgeable staff and personally tested to ensure quality and function of each product. You read that right! This means we have intimate knowledge of each product because believe it or not, we use them in our own homes! At a recent staff training, we each shared what some of our favorite products were, and why we loved them. Let’s see what everyone had to say! Continue reading