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Child Safe Water Bottles and CPSIA

ETBChild_safeThe top question we are asked is, “Children under 13 will be primary users of my water bottles. Why can I only consider certain bottles on your website?”

We want every client to understand the answer to this GREAT question about child safe water bottles.

In 2008, the President signed into law the Consumer Product Safety Improvement act (CPSIA). We won’t bore you with the legal details, but basically CPSIA ensures the safety of consumer products—especially children’s products.

Rest assured that ALL of our water bottles are tested for applicable FDA standards (like BPA and lead). Beyond that, the CPSIA specifies four age groups, and mandates certain testing that a product must undergo to be saleable to a specific population:

0-3 years of age: Water bottles must not contain small parts, must not detach small parts, and must not contain any sharp edges. This is why there are VERY few water bottles approved for use in this age group—think about the popularity of push-pull spouts and twist off caps. Sippy cups are the norm here (and we do sell them, though they are not on our website. Contact us for more information)

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