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Promotional Water Bottles: 5 Shopping Tips

Bulk Water Bottles

Shopping around for the best deal on promotional water bottles? There’s a lot to consider and thousands of options to search through on the internet. Overwhelmed?? We don’t blame you! You may think that the most important thing to consider is budget. However, there’s more to pay attention to than just the bottom line. Promotional products are a huge industry, meaning there can be discrepancies in product quality on the market. It’s important to do your research before investing in a product. Here are 5 things to consider to when shopping for promotional water bottles to ensure you find the best one: Continue reading

Kid-Safe Water Bottles: The Right Option For You

Kid-Safe Water Bottles

Kid-safe water bottles are different than our other bottles. Why?

Safety is a top concern when looking for kid’s water bottles, and it’s one of ours too. Kid-safe water bottles get rigorously tested to make sure they are safe for your children to use. All water bottles get tested, but kid-safe water bottles get extra emphasis to make sure there are no choking hazards. Keeping kids safe is one of our main concerns, so we work with you to make sure you’re getting the correct water bottle for your next upcoming event. We also follow rigorous testing requirements so everyone can have fun without worrying. 

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) ensures the safety of all products, but they give special attention to kid-safe water bottles. This act makes sure that kid-safe water bottles are truly safe for kids. CPSIA breaks down four age grades and tests water bottles by the standards of each group. We take CPSIA very seriously, and we won’t sell you bottles that haven’t gone through CPSIA testing if you’re looking for kid-safe water bottles.

We’re going to talk about the best kid-safe water bottles for your specific age group. Each age group has different requirements for kids’ safety so let’s talk about them and help you find the right fit. Below you’ll find the four age grades and some great bottles approved for kids. Cute and functional! Continue reading

Kids Water Bottles: LL Bean Product Recall Information

kids water bottle recall from LL Bean
These kids water bottles from LL Bean were recently recalled (these are NOT Bulletin Bottle water bottles).

The recent kids water bottle recall announced by LL Bean hammers home the importance of product safety—whether in the promotional products industry or in everyday shopping trips. It also reinforces Bulletin Bottle’s strict policy on child safety, and reminds us all of why this is in place.

This week, approximately 6,700 kids water bottles, sold exclusively at outdoor retail giant L.L. Bean, are being recalled because of lead concerns, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC said the lead solder at the exterior base of the bottle contains high levels of lead. The recall involves five styles of insulated water bottles with printed graphics meant to appeal to children.  Continue reading

Custom Contigo Water Bottles Now at Bulletin Bottle!

ETB33641-Group2-2Contigo water bottles are engineered for active lifestyles. Maybe that’s why they’re so popular! So, by popular demand, we are excited to offer two custom Contigo water bottles—available NOW on our site!

The custom Contigo water bottles we offer are the same ones you see in retail stores. They have the same thoughtful, durable construction. The Contigo AutoSpout is the same innovative pop-up spout and integrated cover that people love. And the lifetime guarantee is the same (phew!). The difference? Since you’re buying in bulk, you’ll save money…and your logo will be on the bottles! Continue reading

Water Bottles for Kids: Why You Need Tracking

Tracking for water bottles for kidsIf you’re shopping for water bottles for kids, you may have read our FAQ on CPSIA and child-safety.

If you’re still questioning why we need to put tracking information on your bottles, though, read on.

Today, 178,000 water bottles were recalled by Zak Designs. The inner plastic straw in the cap can break and pose a choking hazard. Seven children reported plastic fragments in their mouths while using these bottles.

So what does this mean for you? Continue reading

Bulletin Bottle [com] Earns Early Adopter Status with Industry Safety Compliance Program

Future Bulletins, the parent company of Bulletin Bag [.com], Bulletin Bottle [.com], and Funman Promotions, is proud to be among the first to achieve ‘Product Safety Aware’ status in the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Product Safety Awareness Program.

Product safety is a top priority for us, and we have demonstrated our commitment by actively engaging our staff and adopting a corporate culture prioritizing product safety compliance training and continuing education.

Meeting the evolving product safety expectations of the promotional products industry requires regulatory knowledge and an ongoing company commitment, and we are proud to offer this expertise to our clients.

Read more on our commitment to product safety.

Inexpensive Water Bottles: Which Is Best for Your Needs: Squeeze Water Bottles or Bike Bottles?

Water bottles as promotional items are hotter than ever. It’s also easier than ever to find plastic water bottles at prices to meet every budget. Our four most inexpensive water bottles don’t skimp on quality by any means, and are all very similar. Is one of these bottles best for your needs?

Our 20-ounce Squeeze Water Bottle is BPA-free, like all of the water bottles on Bulletin Bottle [.com]. This bottle comes in white or frost, with nine different push-pull lid colors. Squeeze Water Bottle Colors offers 27 bottle and nine lid choices—three of which are made from 100% recycled materials. You can even mix and match up to four bottle colors for free!

Continue reading

Water Bottle Fundraisers: What to Know

kids_for_the_bay3Many of our clients hold water bottle fundraisers for their nonprofit organization, and have great success with promoting their environmental consciousness with their group’s supporters. However, there are a few things you need to know before selecting which bottle you’ll use for water bottle fundraisers.

1. Age of your primary recipients

Focused on adults? If your bottles will be purchased and used primarily by adults (if you’re a church selling water bottles after services, for example), then you can pick and choose from any water bottle on the Bulletin Bottle website.

Targeting teens? If you’re a high school selling water bottles at your football games, you can choose from any water bottle on our site.

Aiming for tweens or children? This is where it gets tricky. While each water bottle we carry has passed testing for applicable FDA standards, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) mandates that we take extra precautions when selling water bottles meant PRIMARILY for children under the age of 13. We’ve written a comprehensive FAQ on CPSIA, but in a nutshell, let us know if your audience could be children under 13 so we can help you select bottles that are tested and approved for your age group and your unique needs.

Continue reading