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Elevate Your Brand with Retail Promotional Products!

promotional productsAs a leading promotional products company, we understand the importance of offering high-quality items that not only showcase your brand but also leave a lasting impression on your audience. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our clients some of the best retail brands out there. Brands like Hydro Flask, Camelbak, and Klean Kanteen. These renowned brands are synonymous with quality, durability, and innovation, making them the perfect choice for elevating your promotional campaigns. Here’s why you should consider incorporating these premium retail promotional products into your branding strategy: Continue reading

5 Ways that Custom Water Bottles in Bulk Can Build Your Brand

Thermal Water BottlesDid you just start a new business? Want to increase awareness about your nonprofit? Hoping to encourage employees to be more healthful? There are lots of ways in which custom water bottles in bulk can make your brand more appealing. Whether you’re wanting to strengthen company culture among employees or get the word out about your services, customized water bottles can help. There are plenty of reasons why, but let’s highlight 5 of them: Continue reading

Printed Water Bottles: Warmer Weather Calls for This Popular Item!

Your_Logo_imgFrom schools to airports, national parks to playgrounds, bottle fill stations are popping up all over the place. Plastics reduction efforts around the country have helped to catapult custom water bottles into the limelight—and into everyone’s hands! As we crawl out of our winter hibernation and head towards warmer weather, there’s never been a better time to integrate printed water bottles into your marketing or fundraising efforts.

Not convinced? In a survey conducted by the Promotional Products Association International, 69% of respondents said that usability is key when it comes to grabbing a promotional product at an event. More than 90% said that the reason they keep and use a promotional product is because it’s useful.

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Seven Ways to Make Wholesale Water Bottles Work for Your Retail Store

So you ordered some wholesale water bottles with your logo on them. The boxes have delivered and now you’re wondering what on earth to do with them all. Here are seven great ideas:


1. Give one to every employee and eliminate single-use, disposable bottles in your workplace. Plus, it will be easier for your staff to sell something they’ve used personally.
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