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Custom Merch: Ideas for Employee Gifts!

It’s more important than ever to find new ways to connect with employees and retain top talent. Creating a strong company culture that employees will value and want to stay with is a tough job! But it’s doable with the right tools, values, and vision for your organization. One way to cultivate good culture and relationships in your organization is with custom company merch and promo products. This is not a new idea or way of doing things, but the promotional products themselves are always changing which leaves a lot of room for creativity! Continue reading

Three Trends for Custom Water Bottles in 2023

custom water bottlesA new year is here! (We can’t believe it either!) We’re excited for 2023 and all the new experiences it brings. It’s that time of year when we look ahead and begin planning our goals for Q1, Q2, and beyond. Marketing campaigns are a big part of those plans for many organizations, and promotional products can play a beneficial role in that. When looking to promotional products like custom water bottles in 2023, it’s important to understand what trends are popular this year. Keep these in mind when choosing which bottle or drinkware item you’ll customize! Continue reading

Promotional Water Bottles: Perfect for New Year’s Resolutions!

promotional water bottlesHappy New Year from Bulletin Brands! 2023 is here and we have a feeling it’s going to be a great year. With the holiday season coming to a close and the new year on the horizon, many people (us included!) look to the year ahead with exciting plans and goals to achieve! Whether your new year’s resolutions are related to business, health, personal life, or school, promotional water bottles can help you stay on track. Continue reading

Say Thank You with Custom Promotional Products This Year!

custom promotional productsThe holiday season is in full swing, which means gift giving is on everyone’s minds! There are a lot of options out there when looking for a meaningful gift, and we think personalized custom promotional products should be at the top of your list! Whether you’re wanting to say thank you to your clients for their business this year, or to your employees for all their hard work, custom promo products are a great option. We have something for everyone this season! Let’s take a look at some ideas to say, ‘thank you’! Continue reading

Our Favorite Custom Water Bottles for Gift Giving!

Believe it or not the holiday season is fast approaching! We know there is a lot going on this time of year and everyone has a lot of efforts to finish the year off strong no matter what industry you’re in! Regardless of your audience and projects, we know that gift giving is on the horizon. Whether you want a nice gift for your employees to show your gratitude, a party favor at the corporate holiday party, or a thank-you gift for your clients, these high-end custom water bottles are the perfect custom merch! Continue reading

TSA and Beyond: Travel with Custom Mugs and More!

We know that this time of year usually brings a lot of travel for the holidays, whether you’re heading home for the family gatherings or taking a well-deserved vacation to finish the year off right! Promotional drinkware like custom mugs and water bottles are the perfect promo gift during the busy travel season. Let’s check out some of our favorites from Bulletin Bottle and Bulletin Basics! Continue reading

Celebrate National Recycling Day with Reusable Water Bottles!

reusable water bottlesNovember 15th is National Recycling Day! Each year millions of people across the United States take part in this awesome holiday! This day is meant to bring awareness to the importance of recycling and buying recycled products. The average American sends 64 tons of waste to landfills during their lifetime, so we know how important recycling is! What better day to highlight your custom reusable water bottles on than this one! Reusable water bottles are a great way to celebrate this holiday and highlight sustainability within your organization. Continue reading

Check Out These Custom Water Bottles for Fitness Brands!

custom water bottles for fitness brandsGyms, yoga studios, fitness centers, and more are just a few of the many businesses that we work with to help create custom water bottles for their audiences. Fitness and wellness brands have so many opportunities when it comes to promotional products. Their audience uses a lot of equipment on a daily basis, so offering them something they’ll love and use daily is a great way to connect with them and market your brand. Reusable water bottles, gym bags, workout equipment, and apparel are just a few ideas of relevant promotional products that would be perfect for this industry. We have lots of custom water bottles that are perfect for fitness brands. So let’s highlight a few! Continue reading

Custom Water Bottles: Ideas for Dentists!

custom water bottlesWe have clients in wide range of different industries from food service to school and universities, but a large industry that’s popular among many of our clients …dentistry! We work with dentist offices all over the country to help them create unique promotional products for their patients and staff. Custom water bottles and custom reusable bags are extremely popular in dentist’s office today, where it’s practically expected now to be sent home with some free swag after a cleaning! Continue reading