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Celebrate World Water Week with Reusable Water Bottles

world water weekEvery August, the global community comes together to celebrate World Water Week, a crucial event dedicated to addressing water-related challenges and promoting sustainable water management. As a promotional products company that values sustainability and environmental responsibility, Bulletin Brands is excited to participate in this important week by highlighting the benefits of our reusable water bottles! Join us in making a positive impact on our planet while promoting your brand with our eco-friendly solutions! Continue reading

Health Benefits and the Power of Reusable Water Bottles

summer promosAs the summer heat kicks in, staying hydrated becomes more crucial than ever. Proper hydration is essential for maintaining overall health, energy levels, and even your mood! We understand the importance of staying hydrated, which is why we offer a range of high-quality reusable water bottles to help you (and your audience) keep water by your side all summer long! Continue reading

Innovative Design Ideas for Custom Water Bottles That Stand Out

employee appreciationCustom water bottles are a popular promotional item, but to truly make an impact, your design needs to be innovative and memorable! A well-designed custom water bottle not only serves its practical purpose but also becomes a cherished item that recipients use regularly, providing ongoing exposure for your brand. Here are some creative design ideas to make your custom water bottles stand out! Continue reading

10 Occasions to Give Custom Drinkware as Corporate Gifts

custom drinkwareCorporate gifting is a powerful tool for building relationships, showing appreciation, and enhancing brand visibility. Custom drinkware, such as branded water bottles and coffee mugs, makes for a practical and memorable gift that recipients will use regularly, keeping your brand top of mind! Here are the top 10 occasions to give custom drinkware as corporate gifts. Continue reading

Our Favorite Custom Drinkware Trends for Summer 2024

summer promosAs the summer heats up, staying hydrated becomes essential. For businesses looking to make a splash with their promotional products, custom drinkware offers an ideal solution. Not only are these items practical, but they also serve as a canvas for your brand’s message. Let’s explore the latest trends in custom drinkware that are perfect for summer 2024, helping you keep your customers refreshed and your brand top of mind! Continue reading

5 Things to Love About Glass Water Bottles

glass water bottlesThere are lots of materials out there when shopping for custom reusable water bottles. Each material has pros and cons to it depending on what you’re looking for. But we’re going to highlight one material in particular that we love: glass! There is a lot to say about glass as a material, but we narrowed it down to 5 of our main reasons to love glass water bottles: Continue reading

Brewing Success: Promotional Products for Breweries!

breweryIn the competitive world of craft beer, standing out is key to attracting and retaining customers. While exceptional brews and a welcoming atmosphere are foundational, breweries also need to leverage effective marketing strategies to build brand loyalty and expand their reach. One highly effective method is through the use of promotional products. At Bulletin Brands, we specialize in creating custom promotional items that help breweries make a lasting impression. Among these items, custom drinkware stands out as a particularly powerful tool. Here’s why: Continue reading

Promotional Water Bottles for Summer Camps and Kids’ Programs!

promotional water bottles for summer campAs the summer sun beckons, children eagerly anticipate the adventures that lie ahead at summer camps and other kids’ programs! Amidst the excitement of outdoor activities and new friendships, one essential item stands out as a must-have companion: the humble water bottle. But not just any water bottle—promotional water bottles offer a unique blend of functionality, fun, and branding opportunities that make them perfect for summer camps. These hydration heroes are essential for keeping young adventurers cool and hydrated all summer long! Continue reading