Custom Water Bottles: Ideas for Dentists!

custom water bottlesWe have clients in wide range of different industries from food service to school and universities, but a large industry that’s popular among many of our clients …dentistry! We work with dentist offices all over the country to help them create unique promotional products for their patients and staff. Custom water bottles and custom reusable bags are extremely popular in dentist’s office today, where it’s practically expected now to be sent home with some free swag after a cleaning!

We have created industry-specific categories of products on our website to help our clients find products that are popular with their audience. Let’s see what our team’s top 3 custom water bottles are for dentists from that list below!

Small Recycled Bike Bottle – this bottle is a classic design that’s perfect for handing out to patients to promote healthy habits and hydration. It’s budget-friendly, BPA-free, and made with recycled materials. Plus, it’s union-made right here in the USA. It may be a very affordable option, but you clearly don’t sacrifice on quality!

Full Wrap Water Bottle – if you’re looking for a bottle that has full color and full wrap printing capability, this is the bottle for you! It has a classic design that’s perfect for patients and staff alike and has the ability to bring your unique logo and branding to life. It features a push/pull lid and is made with BPA-free reusable plastic!

Bike Bottle with Straw – this bottle features a straw lid that is ideal for patients who have had dental procedures done, or kids with braces and rubber bands! It is USA-made and is a budget-friendly option with great design features!

These are some of our favorite reusable water bottles for dentists to utilize in their offices. But they’re not the only ones! You can shop our full list of custom water bottles here. We know there are thousands (if not millions!) of products out there to choose from, so we hope this helps you narrow down your search for the perfect promotional item. We have a great team of experts that are here to help you with your project, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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