Why Don’t You Sell USA Made Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

USA made water bottlesHere’s the low-down on one of our most often asked questions, and we sure do wish the answer was better: We don’t sell them because they just don’t exist.

It’s true. On a regular basis, we scour our sources and turn over every rock for one–just ONE!–USA made stainless steel water bottle. Every lead ends in China.

We dream about the day that we can shout from the rooftops that we’ve hit gold and found a USA made stainless bottle. But, the logistics and costs involved with manufacturing a stainless bottle here in America are seemingly too high for factories to overcome. So, we might actually never see the day.

Almost all of the world’s stainless steel manufacturers are based in China, so it would follow suit that a lot of production also takes place in China. While there are some US-based manufacturers in the top 10, they don’t fabricate bottles. And since it’s not possible to guarantee the source of recycled stainless steel, that material isn’t an option domestically.

While this news might be a total bummer, one thing to keep in mind here is that we only work with a few industry suppliers. We choose our factories very carefully, and ensure they work within the highest levels of corporate social responsibility and product safety. When you buy custom stainless steel water bottles from us,  you can rest assured that they meet our highest standards.

And if you MUST have USA made water bottles for your next project, we do have a selection of BPA-free plastic and Tritan copolyester bottles that are made in America. 

19 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Sell USA Made Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

  1. Hey! Your article is indeed very interesting and I prefer stainless steel water bottles over anything. I would love to purchase this bottle from you.

  2. Have you considered approaching an operation such as American Keg, in Pottsville, PA? Just a thought. They are big on “made in the USA” as well.

    1. Ernst, That’s a great question! We are water bottle distributors, not manufacturers, so American Keg would have to make the bottles for us to sell them. If they ever do, though, we’ll be there to help sell them!

  3. I’m seeing your concerned of labor practices in China and thank you but are you aware that a portionChina stainless steel
    Contains lead which is why I won’t drink from stainless steel made in China

  4. Well Robert Seals the inventor of Klean Kanteen left the company years ago and is very close to launching a stainless bottle USA made

    1. I would be willing to pay whatever such a product costs. I simply refuse to buy anything made in China ever again, and I don’t like drinking out of any type of plastic.

      1. I’m still searching – I’m with you. Two year since someone above mentioned a possible new product. No more China if I have to pay through the nose and use old computers. At least I found a Taiwan-made phone, so sad that we don’t make even a stupid stainless steel bottle.

  5. I also would like a USA made stainless bottle. Does Robert Seals have a webpage or social media account or email where he will take customer input? I feel that the single wall market is underserved. Most of the time I don’t need insulation and don’t want to to carry extra weight. I can imagine a very thin stainless bottle and a sleeve made out of something with slight insulation to add strength to the outside and offer modest insulation which is all I would need as being the ideal bottle for me.

    1. Hi Dara, we just added a high quality aluminum water bottle that’s USA Made: https://www.bulletinbottle.com/product/liberty-originals-usa-made-aluminum-bottle.html?Category_Code=usa-made-water-bottles Liberty also makes insulated stainless steel water bottles. While they are vacuum insulated overseas, all labor, finish grinding, powder coating, printing, and assembly are done in the USA. That’s the closest we have seen to USA-made stainless.

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