Five Ways to Beat the Heat with Promotional Water Bottles

CRBSPRINTSS-All w Logo_560x560Summer’s here! Actually, in some places, it’s just getting started. Hydration is a critical element in staying healthy this season and it’s no wonder why promotional water bottles are insanely popular when the temps rise.

Here are 5 ways to beat the heat this summer with a water bottle promotion:

  1. Pair custom insulated water bottles and beach towels for an outdoor fun kit. Custom print your messaging on the items and hand them out to your employees at your summer picnic.
  2. Join forces with your favorite nonprofit. Print your logos on a water bottle and resell them in the community to raise money. Better yet, offer a buy one/give one promotion whereby you donate a water bottle to a homeless shelter for every bottle sold.
  3. Own a food truck, restaurant, or bakery (or anywhere else that cold drinks are sold)? Customize a water bottle that best meshes with your branding and offer a discount on future orders and/or beverage refills when they bring your bottle with them.
  4. Working with children this summer? Choose an inexpensive water bottle (make sure it’s child safe!) and give one to each child to use. A name block can be printed so children can put their names on them or decorate them with artwork using Sharpies.
  5. Want to market your company with a useful promotional product? High-quality water bottles, such as our Two Tone Glass Water Bottle or Thermal Insulated Water Bottle, will never be discarded. Recipients love high-value items, and will use them often—and will think favorably about your organization when they do!

Whatever your summer marketing plans include, make sure you consider practical items that will be kept and valued by your recipients. Promotional water bottles, when chosen thoughtfully for your audience and your organization’s identity, are a great option during the heat of the summer (and any time of year)!

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