Product Video: Our Favorite Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Have you checked out Bulletin Bottle lately? If not, you’re in for a treat! We have started working on one-minute video product reviews to help you make a decision on the best bottle for your project. And what better place to start than with one of our favorite custom stainless steel water bottles (and a best-selling Tritan water bottle)?

The latest stainless bottles added to our site have all been insulated, and that’s no coincidence. Trendy retail brands have set a high bar for reusable water bottles in 2017, and we’re more than happy to rise to the challenge and offer our clients premium bottles for branding projects. 

Back to our one-minute video reviews. If you go to the product listing for our Thermal Insulated Water Bottle H2Go Force, you can check out this nifty new video. You might even learn something new (Spoiler alert: we actually have THREE sizes of this bottle available, though we’ve been keeping it a secret for some reason!).

If you look hard enough you also may see some Easter eggs in the form of sneaky product placement of other favorite bottles, like the h2go Large Stainless Bolt Bottle. Ok, we know this isn’t as exciting as  movie Easter eggs, but we’re not on a Disney budget here!

So the next time you’re on our website, look a little more closely at the product page of a bottle that you’re considering. We may have a neat-o little video showing a detailed peek of the item! And, as always, if you’d like more information on any custom stainless steel water bottles (or any other bottle on our site), let us know. We can offer a sample or maybe even bust out a one-minute video just because you asked!

Oh, and we might have over-exaggerated the “treat” bit in the first paragraph. Though, if these videos make you super-stoked about our company, maybe you need to come work with us and share in our enthusiasm! And, if you loved this video, you will love the other two we have so check out the Bulletin Brands YouTube channel!

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