Promotional Water Bottles: Perfect for New Year’s Resolutions!

promotional water bottlesHappy New Year from Bulletin Brands! 2023 is here and we have a feeling it’s going to be a great year. With the holiday season coming to a close and the new year on the horizon, many people (us included!) look to the year ahead with exciting plans and goals to achieve! Whether your new year’s resolutions are related to business, health, personal life, or school, promotional water bottles can help you stay on track.

Health-related resolutions are probably the most popular, and we know that staying hydrated and drinking more water is an easy but important step towards a healthier life! Take your water bottle to the gym, on a walk, to the office, or to class throughout the day. If you have big goals for your business or school life, that may mean longer hours or more time on the go throughout the day. Having a sidekick water bottle to keep you hydrated while you crush your goals means you’ll stay focused longer while also taking care of yourself!

Let’s take a look at some water bottles that we think are perfect for the new season ahead!

Giant Sports Water Jug – This huge water bottle is perfect when hitting the gym and crushing your health goals. It has a large 75 oz capacity which means you can stay hydrated without constantly refilling it!

HydroFlask Wide Mouth with Flex Cap – This high-end water bottles makes staying hydrated easy. It’s big enough for a whole day on the go, whether you’re sitting in class or heading to a workout class. It has professional-grade stainless steel to keep your water ice cold!

24oz Contigo Ashland 2.0 Bottle – This bottle is ideal for corporate environments like new-hiring trainings, retreats, and more. Promote healthy habits this year with custom promotional water bottles like these. Add your logo or favorite design!

Shop all of our promotional water bottles here. Our team is standing by to help you start the year off right! We have a wide range of bottles so you can shop for the right material, size, printing capabilities and more. Happy New Year!

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