The Best Water Bottle for New Hire Training

reusable water bottlesThe recruitment and hiring process has been in full swing the past few years, and businesses look for their perfect employees to help them bounce back from the pandemic, and potential employees look for their perfect employer and position to stay with long-term. As more and more people move around from jobs to jobs, it’s more important than ever to find new and innovative ways to retain top talent, no matter the industry you’re in. Quality employees are hard to come by! Aside from salary, benefits, and work environment, perks of all sizes are welcome in the workplace to incentivize workers to stay. Something as simple as custom merch like a reusable water bottle when onboarding new employees can set the tone and convey your company’s culture right off the bat. So, what is the best water bottle for new hire training? Let’s look at some of our favorites!

24 oz Contigo Ashland 2.0 Bottle – This bottle is a classic one, and for good reason! It’s a retail brand that people know and love, and it’s made of durable Eastman Tritan so you don’t have to worry about glass or anything breakable around the office.

H2go Lumos Insulated Bottle – Another simple yet classic design that comes in a beautiful range of trendy colors. It’s a sleek bottle that comes with a carrying handle and wide drinking spout …perfect for staying hydrated during training!

Petal Insulated Tumbler – If you’re looking for a custom tumbler rather than a reusable water bottle, this insulated tumbler is one of our favorites. It’s trendy, high-end, and super stylish with great pastel colors and a unique clear top. Plus it’s insulated, so it’s perfect for hot coffee on a cold morning commute to work!

What’s the best water bottles for new hire training? It’s the one that conveys your company’s cultures and values while giving your employees something they’ll actually use. Use these drink-ware items to create something unique to you and showcase your values. Whether that’s sustainability, having fun, team spirit, etc. There’s a wide range of water bottles on our site for you to browse through, and we’re happy to help you find one that feels right for your new employees!

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