Staff Review: Hydro Flask Wide Mouth with Flex Cap

Hydro Flask has a reputation that proceeds any of its products and has become a household brand that most people know and love. It’s high quality, stylish design, and innovative product lines quickly become fan favorites! That’s one of the reasons we were so excited to add one of their products to our site for our clients. We knew how much people loved this retail brand! Shortly after we added it, we had our Marketing Manager, Ashley, test it out personally so we could get her feedback on what she liked about the bottle. As you already know, we don’t sell anything on our site that our team has personally tested ourselves. So, let’s hear what Ashley had to say about our Hydro Flask Wide Mouth with Flex Cap!

The first thing you notice when you take it out of the box is its beautiful matte finish. I received the white color and boy does it look sharp! I can see how brands and individuals alike love the look and feel of these products. They give off a high-end, luxury look and feel. After just a few uses, I knew this bottle would become my new go-to when heading out the door, especially now that the hot summer months are here. This bottle keeps my water ice cold no matter how long I’m gone during the day. I’m consistently shocked at all how long the ice cubes stay in there and don’t melt!

I also love the wide mouth feature on this bottle, because it makes it extremely easy to load it with ice cubes, fruit to infuse my water, and more. The screw cap is super durable and stays secure to ensure no leaks or spills take place while I’m on the go. I’ve taken this bottle with me to run errands, hike, and I took it with me on a day-long outdoor volleyball tournament on a hot, sunny day. It was a life saver! I had ice-cold water to keep me hydrated all day in the sun!

It’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with any of the Hydro Flask products for your next promotional campaign, especially this wide mouth bottle. I loved using it and highly recommend it to anyone., especially those brands in the outdoor space!

Looking for a specific Hydro Flask product? Reach out to our team today, we can often source products that aren’t currently listed on our website!

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