Staff Review: Petal Insulated Tumbler

Wondering what our staff has to say about the products we personally test out? Staff Reviews are how we share that information with our audience! Search our Bulletin Bottle blog for all our staff reviews to read more about what our team has to say. Today, our Marketing Assistant is sharing her thoughts on the Petal Insulated Tumbler

Hello everyone! This is Ashley, Bulletin Brands’ Marketing Assistant. I’ve had the opportunity to use the Petal Insulated Tumbler for the last few weeks and wanted to share my findings with you all. If you’re on the fence about this product or are just starting your search for an insulated bottle or tumbler, then keep on reading!

At first glance, I really liked this tumbler’s design. It’s trendy and sleek, which helps it come off as high-end and stylish. The color options are extremely popular right now …this is a tumbler I feel like I would see all over Tik Tok. The pastels and neutrals are lovely color options that would work with a lot of different brands and industries. It has a matte pearlized finish which is just beautiful! The top is another feature I loved as well. It’s really unique but still subtle and easy to use. The swivel mouthpiece keeps the top closed when you’re not using it, but as with most tumblers, I wouldn’t keep a full bottle packed away in a bag or something as it’s bound to leak. It’s perfect for coffee or tea on the go if you have an extra hand to carry it. I found myself reaching for this tumbler because it seemed so much nicer than my other ones!

I loved using this tumbler to bring iced tea to the beach. It kept my tea ice-cold all afternoon. I was continuously impressed with this tumbler’s ability to keep my tea or water cold for long periods of time, especially in the sun! I’ll definitely be using it all winter long for warm beverages as well. 

This tumbler is nice enough to bring into an office setting or formal environment. It fits right in with its trendy design and neutral colors! If you’re looking for something with a high-perceived value, this tumbler is for you. I’ve been using it for weeks and can confidently say it’s become one of my favorites. Don’t overlook it!

If you’re interested in this insulated tumbler, I recommend ordering a sample through our website to test it out yourself. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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