BPA Free Aluminum Bottles: Why We Sell Them

Large Aluminum Water BottleWhen it comes to water bottles, some think plastic has a lower perceived value than metal. It doesn’t matter what the material actually is. That’s why our BPA free aluminum bottles continue to be oft requested items. Aluminum, while a big step down from stainless steel or glass, is still viewed as a fancier alternative to plastic—even Tritan. We disagree, but we also know a lot more than our average client (we should…we ARE the experts!).

Aluminum water bottles must be lined because the metal reacts with certain liquids. There are over fifteen thousand coatings used in the aluminum industry, and though most of them serve inside food cans, many of them perform their work inside beverage containers. The resin is usually epoxy, but it may also be vinyl, acrylic, polyester, or oleoresin, and could even be styrene, polyethylene, or polypropylene. The formulas for coatings are proprietary, but rest assured that Bulletin Bottle [.com] only sells BPA free aluminum bottles.

While BPA free aluminum bottles are sometimes viewed as a higher value item than plastic water bottles, we feel that this isn’t always accurate. It depends on what value you put on durability, washability, and overall taste.

For example: Tritan, a copolyester, is decidedly more durable than aluminum. Aluminum will likely dent when dropped, especially when it’s full. Tritan is shatter resistant (but, glass will definitely shatter, yet it’s got the highest-perceived value of all three!). We recommend hand-washing BPA free aluminum bottles with warm water and dish soap, but Tritan is dishwasher safe. Tritan, like glass, is stain-resistant and doesn’t alter taste. Aluminum, however, can cause subtle taste differences.

If you’re keeping score, Tritan wins. However, it still has a lower-perceived value than metal because it’s viewed as a plastic. But less expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Bulletin Bottle [.com] is committed to our clients’ safety. Whatever water bottle material you choose, remember that all of our bottles are tested for product safety. Testing documentation is available—you just need to ask!

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