Five Reasons Why You Want a Tritan Water Bottle

I Love TritanYou may have seen recent blogs discussing our different bottle materials. Time and again, we refer to a Tritan water bottle as a quality alternative to an aluminum, glass, or other BPA-free plastic bottle. Does it seem like we just love Tritan? Well…we do! Here’s why the recipients of your water bottle project will too.

1. Dishwasher safe. BOOM. Really, do you need any other reason? For longevity of the imprint on the bottle, we do suggest hand-washing your water bottles in warm soapy water. But, a Tritan water bottle is very happy on the top shelf of your dishwasher, next to your glass water bottles. No other material should ever be washed in this manner. But all water bottles should be washed in SOME manner. Because gross.

2. Odorproof. Truth: water bottles can get stinky (see #1) and dirty. Your Tritan water bottle is designed to be odorproof. It’s in its copolyester DNA. Or something equally as scientific. Seriously, put an iced coffee in your Tritan water bottle in the morning, then rinse and fill with water in the afternoon. It won’t smell. Just ask Jennifer…she does this every. Single. Day. Boring? Yes! We’re holding out hope that maybe she’s performing a secret long-term water bottle test and not just stuck in a serious rut.

3. Stainproof. Yup, stainproof. Jennifer’s water bottle (see #2) is still clear, even though that iced coffee (black with sugar, if you please) gets put in it every day. Amazing! Seriously, though, who wants to drink anything from a splotchy, Rorschach test-looking water bottle? Eew.

4. Shatter resistant. Go ahead, drop your Tritan water bottle. It likely won’t break. Tritan is tough! We’ve seen videos where Tritan bottles are dropped from rooftops. They don’t break. We can’t quite say shatterproof (even though some, including Eastman Tritan, do) because Jennifer has personally broken two of them—one in checked luggage on a plane, and one on her driveway. Her driveway is WICKED hard, though! But for those two heartbreaking times, there have been at least a thousand (maybe even a million) in which she dropped her bottle and it didn’t break. Those are pretty great odds.

5. Super awesome looking. I mean, come on. All of our water bottles look great, but our Tritan water bottles have a nice weight, great lines, and tons of colors and styles to choose from. They often have just as high of a perceived value as metal—and sometimes more so! Your recipient will love having a Tritan water bottle, your messaging will be out and about more frequently, and everyone will shout your organization’s name from the rooftops! Maybe that last bit is a stretch, but it’s worth a try. Let us know how it goes.

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