Why You Want BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles

fotter-icon-bpa-free-444Bulletin Bottle [.com] features a hand-picked selection of custom water bottles. But, did you know that we only carry BPA free plastic water bottles on our website?

But, what is BPA and why should you care about that? BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It’s an industrial chemical that has been used in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins since the ‘60s.

Epoxy resins can be used to coat the inside of aluminum products (among other things), and polycarbonate water bottles were very popular up until research showed that BPA can leach into the food or drink being stored in the container. The FDA has banned BPA in certain instances, but a more widespread prohibition has not occurred.

Bulletin Bottle [.com] has taken a strong stance on product safety and BPA. From Tritan to polypropylene, aluminum to acrylic, your safety is our priority with all of our products. We have always—and WILL always—only offer BPA free plastic water bottles to our clients. And since every one of our custom BPA free plastic water bottles is designed to be printed with your logo or messaging, you can move forward with your project with the knowledge that YOUR clients will be safe as well.

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