5 Ways that Custom Water Bottles in Bulk Can Build Your Brand

Thermal Water BottlesDid you just start a new business? Want to increase awareness about your nonprofit? Hoping to encourage employees to be more healthful? There are lots of ways in which custom water bottles in bulk can make your brand more appealing. Whether you’re wanting to strengthen company culture among employees or get the word out about your services, customized water bottles can help. There are plenty of reasons why, but let’s highlight 5 of them:

1. They make people more receptive to your message! Let’s be honest, nobody wants to get junk they’ll never use. Flyers or other direct mail usually end up right in the trash. But high-quality water bottles are something that almost any demographic can use and enjoy. People will take the time to look over any literature that accompanies the bottle, or research into the logo that’s on it. Most important, they will USE the water bottle with your brand on it, which keeps you top of mind!

2. You can sell branded water bottles! The customers who frequent your store will love supporting your company and showing off a trendy bottle at the same time. Then people will ask them about the bottle, which will lead them to you, which will lead to more business! We have a wide range of bottles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your brand’s aesthetic and customer’s needs.

3. They strengthen company culture! Hey HR specialists! You know how you’re always looking for ways to increase employee health, morale, and workplace spirit? How about giving each employee, and subsequent new hire, a nice water bottle? While you’re at it, you can ditch the disposable bottles and install a fill station or invest in a bubbler. And encourage your staff to use it! You can even select a bottle that has volume markers printed on the side, (like this one). We can print volume markers on other bottles too…just ask!Branding

4. They promote health and hydration! Fitness centers are always actively recruiting new members! Encourage them to stay hydrated during workouts with a custom water bottle that’s easy to tote around. Offer one with every new membership, sell them alongside your apparel and smoothies, or both!

5. They’re great for fundraisers or other events! Are you planning an event that involves physical activity? Events, festivals, and even awareness walks result in thirsty participants. Why not offer water bottles to attendees? They can be sold (with free refills during the event), given out at the entrance, or offered up as contest freebies. Seriously, we’ve all seen how frenzied people get over swag being thrown into the crowd!

What do you think? Have you bought custom water bottles in bulk for your branding efforts? Tell us about your project! We love to hear how custom water bottles have helped your marketing efforts. As always, reach out to our team with any questions!

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