Custom Growlers: Three New Product Offerings

64-ounce Custom GrowlersCustom growlers are here! Bulletin Bottle [.com] is excited to announce the newest addition to our product lineup—stainless steel growlers. These versatile vessels can keep hot liquids hot for up to 8 hours and any cold drink cool for 12 hours!

But, what is a growler, and where did the term come from? The exact origin of the growler is unknown, but the most popular version places it in the late 1800s. Back then, fresh beer was carried from pub to home using a pail. During its travels, the beer sloshed around inside of the pail and created a growling sound. Flash forward to the 1930s, when children brought covered buckets of beer from a local brewery to workers at lunchtime. This was commonly called ‘rushing the growler’ and further pushed the term into beer culture. Today, growlers are often used at breweries to allow customers to take beer home for enjoyment.

While growlers are rooted in the beer industry, today’s custom growlers are used for a wide range of liquids, for lots of different occasions. For this reason, in addition to the most popular 64-ounce custom growler, we also offer a 32-ounce custom growler.

So what do our clients do with their custom growlers? Anything! Here are a few ideas:

  • Instead of bringing a bottle of wine to an event, bring a growler of fresh beer
  • Heading out for a picnic? Bring a growler of cold water or another drink to share
  • When heading out on a hike in crisp weather, fill your growler with cocoa or hot tea

Since growlers are refillable, they’re the clear environmental winner also!

How do you clean your custom growlers? It’s actually easy! Growler experts recommend following these simple rules for keeping custom growlers clean and fresh, use after use:

  • Rinse custom growlers with hot water. Fill it up, swirl it around, and dump out the water—a few times if you can.
  • Dry custom growlers upside down so any leftover water will trickle out and not pool at the bottom.
  • Store with the lid off to keep air circulating throughout the growler.

Custom growlers are beautiful, high-end gifts that any recipient will use over and over again. This, in turn, will keep your organization top of mind all year long!

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