Kick the Soda Habit? Start With the Right Bottle (Really!)

keepingyourcool_nosodaI’ve been at Bulletin Bottle since the beginning, and since I only drink water and iced coffee during the day, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that flip up straws, large capacities, and Tritan water bottles are my faves.

This is because 1) I’m too lazy to unscrew a bottle, 2) I drink a lot of water, and 3) I tend to drop things.

But enough about me.

My husband has been a soda drinker since, well, since before my time. Even a jam-packed water bottle cabinet, and me gently urging him to try this one or that one (no, not with soda…with water!), had no effect on his die-hard habit. Except…a Squeeze Water Bottle that once a day contains a pre-gym concoction of powder and water.


I was ordering a water bottle to test for our site, and I had the brilliant idea to have him see if one of our awesome bottles would catch his eye. This lead to a discussion about what he likes about his gym bottle (the push-pull spout), and what he doesn’t like (it’s small and hard to clean, since it isn’t supposed to go in the dishwasher).

I suggested that he look at Tritan water bottles (because, Tritan). He liked what he saw, but insisted on a push-pull lid (as if!). I showed him our Finger Grip Straw Bottle, which has ergonomic finger grips molded in and measurement indicators on the side. And it can have a push-pull spout. And, Tritan water bottles are dishwasher safe.

Best. Wife. Ever.

Oh yeah, and he got a water bottle that he really likes.

So, here we are a month later and guess what? He’s dropped his six-pack a day soda habit. Cold turkey. Because, it starts with the right bottle.

Now, go find yours! XO, Jennifer

P.S. Wanna see the life changing bottle?? Click here: It’s the green one!

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