Our Favorite Tritan Water Bottles!

Tritan water bottlesThere’s a lot of different materials to choose from when looking for a custom water bottle. One of our favorites is Tritan. Tritan is a BPA-free copolyester material that is strong and durable. It’s shatter resistant which can make it ideal to take on the go! Tritan water bottles are also stain-resistant and odor resistant as well! It has the lightweight feel of plastic but is super strong and is also dishwasher safe! In other words, this material is made to last like metal, but with a price point that is budget friendly.

Our Tritan water bottles come in lots of different sizes, colors, and style options. Their versatility makes them ideal for lots of different occasions, from school functions to corporate workshops. Let’s highlight a few of our favorite Tritan water bottles and see just how to practical they can be!

Camelbak Eddy+ 25 Oz Bottle – This bottle is great for outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, or playing sports. It’s durable Tritan material means it can hold its own while on the go or our in nature. We love the bite valve and carry loop, which makes for easy drinking and carry on the trails.

Speaking of outdoor activities like hiking, check out this Tritan COB Lantern Bottle! It has an integrated COB lantern built into the bottle! This light can work either has an internal light or as an external flashlight. How cool is that?! This feature is extremely useful when hiking or camping. It frees up space and weight because there’s no need to pack another flashlight or lantern. Plus it’s always a good idea to have a backup light source in your pack!

Another favorite of ours is this Slim Tritan Water Bottle. We love the slim and sleek design of this bottle. If you’re looking for an elegant and upscale design while still keeping costs low, this Tritan bottle is the perfect option for you. The screw on lid is great for staying hydrated at the office and it comes on a variety of different colors!

Check out all of our Tritan Water Bottles here and find the perfect style for your next event. Tritan is a great material for so many different occasions! Check out our other blog posts about Tritan to learn more about this versatile material!

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