Pick Out The Best Water Bottle Lids For You!

water bottle lidsHaving a water bottle as versatile as you are important for your busy lifestyle. Something that’s easy to use and bring with you anywhere. While you’re focusing on the bottle and size you want, don’t forget about water bottle lids! Picking out the perfect lid is key to making sure you’ll love your water bottle.

Water bottle lids can be as simple as a lid with mouth spout or as intricate as a straw and flip lid. Whatever job you’re doing, there’s a water bottle that can fit your needs. We’re going to show you some of the different lids we have and why we love them so much!

The first bottle we want to talk about is our Pint Sports Bottle with View Strip. This bottle can hold 16 oz. and is great for kids ages 3 and up. The lid of this bottle is a push-pull cap which is easy for anyone to use and will keep any leaking at bay. There is also a handy viewing strip so you can see when your bottle needs a refill!

When you don’t have time for a push-pull cap, a lid with a button can make a world of difference. Our h2go Houston Insulated Bottle has a convenient push button that unlocks the lid. The double walled copper insulation just makes this bottle even better! This bottle also has a fun angled contour on the bottle which makes for a comfortable and sturdy grip in your hand.

Finally, we want to talk about water bottles with straws. One of our favorite things about having a lid with a straw is that they are perfect for iced drinks such as coffee or tea. Our Sleek Stainless Tumbler blows the competition out of the water. The vacuum insulated double wall helps keep your drink hot or cold for hours. The lid has two sipping options, either sip through a straw or use the flip top and leave the straw at home! Whichever way you chose to sip you can close the other spout to help minimize any spills. We love the stainless steel straw and how secure it is in the lid!

While you may think all bottle are the same, don’t forget to think about the water bottle lids. Lids can be easily overlooked but they completely change the function of your bottle. Take some time to consider what’s the best water bottle lids for you!

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