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Pick Out The Best Water Bottle Lids For You!

water bottle lidsHaving a water bottle as versatile as you are important for your busy lifestyle. Something that’s easy to use and bring with you anywhere. While you’re focusing on the bottle and size you want, don’t forget about water bottle lids! Picking out the perfect lid is key to making sure you’ll love your water bottle.

Water bottle lids can be as simple as a lid with mouth spout or as intricate as a straw and flip lid. Whatever job you’re doing, there’s a water bottle that can fit your needs. We’re going to show you some of the different lids we have and why we love them so much! Continue reading

Thermal Water Bottles: A Fall Favorite!

Thermal Water BottlesThermal water bottles are the perfect addition to this fall season. What better way to stay warm than with a nice hot beverage? Thermal water bottles are great because they help keep your liquids warm. Insulation is great for the fall, but also the summer when you want to keep cool with an ice cold beverage.

Being able to stop and relax for a moment during your hectic day is an amazing way to recharge and take a break. Having a nice cup of tea or coffee only makes that experience better. If you want to enjoy your break wherever you are having a thermal bottle on hand is the best way to do it! Continue reading

Staff Review: Petal Insulated Tumbler

Petal Insulated TumblerEveryone we know loves having a tumbler. They’re easy to bring with you anywhere and they’re perfect for holding and refilling your coffee! Tumblers are also great because of the large variety they have. When we want a tumbler that we can bring with us to any event, we reach for our Petal Insulated Tumbler!

Our Petal Insulated Tumbler is a 20.9 oz. double walled tumbler. This tumbler is easy to use and comes in 6 different matte pearlized colors! The push on lid has a swivel mouthpiece which is perfect to use on its own, or you can put a reusable straw though and sip that way. We had our staffer Mary try out this bottle, and she had a lot to say! Continue reading

Why Buying Bulk Water Bottles is The Best Option!

bulk water bottlesBulk water bottles are the ultimate addition to any project or event you might have around the corner. Buying water bottles in bulk helps you save money while also putting a smile on everyone’s face. Reusable water bottles are always handy to have and can work for any type of environment!

Rain or shine your event will be a hit with bulk water bottles. We have the perfect water bottle for any theme or idea you have. Reusable water bottles come in all shapes and sizes, so the perfect bottle will always be available. The hard part is finding it! We’re going to help you find perfect bulk water bottles for any type of project or event you have planned. Continue reading

Staff Reviews: H2Go Pilot Insulated Bottle

h2go pilot insulated bottleInsulated bottles have been taking over the reusable water bottle world. People are going crazy for bottles that can keep your drinks cold and prevent the dreaded “water bottle sweat” that we want to keep off our hands. Our H2go Pilot Insulated Bottle is a great insulated option!

The H2go Pilot Insulated Bottle is perfect when you need an everyday bottle that is sleek enough to bring to the office with you. These 20.9 oz bottles fit nicely in your hand! The lid also has a handle which you can clip on to your bag. You’re hands free when you need to be!  The flip up spout is also controlled by a push button so you don’t have to worry about leaky mouthpieces. Continue reading

Wholesale Water Bottles: We Have The Options!

wholesale water bottlesWholesale water bottles are a perfect product to add to any project or event. They are versatile, unique, and special. Since they come in so many varieties and colors it can get overwhelming picking through options, so let us help you.

We have spent lots of time picking out the best wholesale water bottles. Each bottle is so different from the next, so we take time to handpick each item. With each bottle comes different features that would help leave that lasting impression. We’re going to talk about three wholesale water bottles and why we love them so much! Continue reading

Rush To These Rush Service Water Bottles!

rush service water bottlesReusable water bottles are the perfect addition to any project or event, and they add a finishing touch to everything. You might be looking for a bottle and find that you don’t have enough time to complete a regular order. This is where rush service water bottles come in!

Rush service water bottles are bottles that have expedited production. For most there is a modest fee to rush your order, though some can be done at no charge. We also need to review art to make sure there are no concerns that could result in a less than perfect printing outcome. We still recommend that you start your ordering process as soon as possible so you have a wider selection of options, but if you’re in a hurry and need a bottle on a shorter timeline, rush service water bottles are perfect. Continue reading

What’s The Perfect Event For Promotional Water Bottles?

Promotional Water BottlesSummer is a time of celebration, warm weather, and giving back. What better way to leave a lasting impression than with promotional water bottles? Giving the gift of a promotional bottle helps advertise your brand while also giving a gift that is useful any time of the year.

Finding promotional water bottles that fit whatever event or project you are hosting is something you need to focus on. Having a promotional bottle that fits the event or project that you are working on helps tie everything together. Water bottles come in endless shapes and sizes, so trying to figure out which one works best for you can be challenging. Continue reading

Cool Down With Custom Insulated Water Bottles

custom insulated water bottles
This summer has been a hot one! We’ve been doing everything to cool off and beat the heat, including picking up some custom insulated water bottles. Insulated bottles are perfect for the summer, and any other season. We love these bottles for their durability and all of the great aspects that make them unique!

When you are trying to keep cool, you want to stay that way for a while. Luckily with custom insulated water bottles, you can keep everything chill for hours! Insulated bottles are perfect when you need your drink to stay cool or hot for hours. For any unplanned heat waves or unexpected trips to the beach make sure you’re staying hydrated. Keep reading to find out why we love these bottles so much! Continue reading

H2go Bottles: Not Your Basic Bottles

H2go BottlesReusable bottles are something you want to make sure you have the best of. The best quality, the best use, and the best look. Promotional h2go bottles are a collection of bottles that come in all different shapes and materials. This collection of bottles is a popular option for events of all shapes and sizes!

We love promotional h2go bottles since we can always find the perfect bottle for any event. They come in such a variety of styles you can never get bored! We’re going to introduce to our new h2go products we added to our site and why we picked them. We love these bottles, and we know you will too! Continue reading