Promotional Products: Do They Have a Place in the Gen Z Workforce?

reusable water bottlesPromotional products have always been a part of the employee recruitment and retention conversation. Employee appreciation gifts, corporate events, and other work team events have been a great place for custom promotional products. But with a new generation of people entering the workforce, are these items still relevant?

According to a study conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management Gallup earlier this year, Gen Z is set to make up 36% of the working population by the end of 2022! And that number will only continue to grow. It’s important to understand their unique needs as this new generation enters the workforce.

Leslie Roark, CAS, CPIM, states that Gen Z-ers value workplace incentives more than any other generation. (That’s where promotional products come in!) This generation values perks that can be enjoyed daily and year-around. Customized promotional products fill that need by offering them a water bottle, for example, that they can use every day whether they’re in the office or working from home.

Gen Z is also interested in sustainability and cares about the environment and social issues, and they are conscious about what they consume and which companies they support. This is an important factor to consider when choosing which brand-name promotional products to offer. High-quality, ethically made items will be most important. Mike Donnelly, president of Hinda Incentives, says that It’s important to offer a wide selection of promotional product incentives because Gen Z-ers are not the same and they value individuality. Remember to offer rewards to the individual, not the generation. Everyone has their own dreams!

Gen Z are generally early on in their careers and may be new to the company they work at. Promotional products play a key role in recruiting and onboarding new employees, and ensuring they get off to the right start. Celebrating wins and showing recognition through customized promotional products is a fun way to create team culture and showcase employee appreciation.

So, to answer the question if promotional products are still relevant as this new generation enters the workforce, the answer is a strong yes. In fact, they may be more relevant than ever before. If you employ Gen Z workers, or were considering promotional products for your employees no matter what their age, then now is the time to start creating something unique and special for your organization!

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