What is Upcycling?

There are a lot of ways to start living a more sustainable life, from daily habits to purchasing habits and everything in between, there is a lot we can incorporate into our daily lives to prioritize sustainability. One easy and effective way to do that is by making the switch to reusable water bottles from single-use plastic water bottles (and all plastic beverage bottles!). There are many different reusable water bottle options out there, and of course many different processes for producing those bottles. Let’s learn a bit more about one kind of production process called Upcycling, which is helping to reduce landfill waste in more than one way!

Upcycling is the process of diverting materials from the waste stream and recycling it to create a product of higher quality and value than the original. How cool! How does the saying go …one man’s garbage is another man’s gold? This process turns garbage to gold! Which in turn keeps it out of the landfill. Truly a win-win. So how does this even work?

The process uses single-use plastic drink bottles and milk jugs that are reclaimed from municipal recycling centers. (If you’re looking for a sign to keep recycling your containers …this is it!). Then those containers are sorted, shredded, and sanitized to meet FDA compliance to make rPET material. This means that the material is tested and ensured to be safe for use. After that, the material is used to manufacture new reusable sports bottles from post-consumer recycled materials! Upcycling is creating sustainable, high-quality water bottles that people can feel good about using. It takes single-use plastic items and turns them into a bottle that can be used thousands of times over many years! We love the initiative to create sustainable change within the promotional products industry.

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You may be wondering if rPET is safe to use for you and your audience. Don’t worry because we’ve done the research for you! You can read all about it over on our blog. Check out the blog post here.

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