Staff Review: Slim Can Insulator & Tumbler

tumblerWe added a lot of new products to our site last year that we are so excited about, and our staff has been enjoying the new additions! Our Marketing Manager, Ashley, has been using one of our latest additions, the Slim Can Insulator & Tumbler. This insulated tumbler is super cool because it’s a two-in-one drinkware item. With just the switch of the top piece it transforms from an insulated tumbler to an insulated coozie. It’s your all-in-one item for parties and events! So let’s hear what Ashley had to say about it below!

I was initially really intrigued by this item when we first reviewed it for our site. I had never seen something like this before and in theory it sounded awesome. An insulated tumbler for coffee in the morning, and an insulated coozie for drinks in the evening …sign me up! When I first tried it out, I was impressed by how easy it was to use. I tried the tumbler top first for morning coffee and tea, and it was perfect! The top is everything you need out of a tumbler. No frills, just your standard tumbler lid that does the job right! It’s perfect for carrying your hot beverages on the go. (Or cold, but it’s December so …you get it). Next, I tried out the coozie top. All you have to do is unscrew the tumbler lid and screw on the coozie lid. It’s so simple! It perfectly fits seltzer cans and keep them nice and cold. I couldn’t stop thinking how perfect this would be for bachelorette parties! Customize it with your name, trip date, location, etc. and each gal has their go-to tumbler for the whole trip! From morning coffee to afternoon seltzers, you don’t need more than one container. I love how simple it is!

Overall, I think this can insulator and tumbler is super unique and would make a great gift for almost any occasion. My first thought was bachelorette parties, but these could easily be great for conferences, holiday parties, birthday parties, weddings …you name it! It also comes in stainless steel too so it’s easy to customize! I highly recommend and I’ll be using mine all year long!

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