Team Water Bottles Custom Printed: Not Just for Sports!

IMG_4047It’s spring, which means extracurricular activities at schools and nonprofits across the country are ramping up big time. Selling team water bottles custom printed with logos and messaging are great ways to help fund these programs!

Many people think of sports when they consider team water bottles. Make no mistake, these bottles are for so much more than just sports teams.

Team is defined, in part, as “a number of persons associated in some joint action.” Chess club, environmental club, drama club, student council—these are all teams in some regard! With school budgets and extracurricular activities in flux, organizations are looking for new, creative ways to raise money. And would-be purchasers are tired of the same old, same old. They want to purchase useful items—things they will use over and over.

That’s where team water bottle fundraisers come in! The group owns the entire project from the start, which makes them more passionate about selling them. It’s easy!

Team Water Bottles Personalized

  • Decide on a water bottle to resell, and
  • Choose what message, logo, or mascot to print on the bottle.
  • Worried about mixing them up? Add a name strip that
    allows an individual to personalize their bottle!
  • Either presell and order what you need or order in bulk to have on hand for resale
  • Keep the profit!

Choosing to hold a fundraiser with team water bottles custom printed allows your group to increase awareness, gain supporters, and spread your message with an environmentally friendly vehicle! Contact us to get started on yours!

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