Buying BPA Free Bottles Wholesale? 5 Things to Know

BPA Free Bottles WholesaleBuying BPA free bottles wholesale is a great way to save money on your water bottle project. It also shows that you’re putting your recipient’s safety first. But, what is BPA and what do you need to keep in mind? Here are five things to know about buying BPA free bottles wholesale

  1. Why you should care.

    BPA is a chemical that’s used to harden certain plastics and resins. These plastics are used in containers that store food and beverages (like water bottles). Some research has shown that BPA can leach into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA. Additional research suggests a possible link between BPA and health effects. Why should you care? Um, health and safety.

  2. BPA is in more than just plastics.

    Did you see up above? About how BPA is used in certain resins? Aluminum must be lined with a resin before it can be food safe (you can read more about that here). Aluminum is metal (of course). So in addition to buying BPA free plastic bottles, you also need to ensure the aluminum water bottles you are considering are BPA free as well. If you see them on Bulletin Bottle [.com], they are!

  3. You shouldn’t pay more for BPA free bottles.

    Most (but not all) factories recognize the potential harm in BPA and have voluntarily withdrawn it from their manufacturing process. Plus, even if they don’t, they are finding that clients are well informed and won’t buy those water bottles otherwise. But shifting away from BPA to a safer plasticizer should not cost you more. If you see BPA free bottles wholesale that seem more expensive BECAUSE they’re BPA free, then something is fishy.

  4. Buying BPA free bottles wholesale doesn’t mean a compromise in style.

    On the contrary. BPA free water bottles come in all the trendiest designs, colors, and sizes. From Tritan water bottles to aluminum water bottles, cheap bike bottles to sleek bottles with high perceived value—you can find the perfect bottle for your project without compromising safety.

  5. Bulletin Bottle [.com] has your back. Always.

    All of our water bottles are BPA free, and always will be. We were also one of the first to achieve ‘Product Safety Aware’ status in the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Product Safety Awareness Program. We have demonstrated our commitment to product safety by actively engaging our workforce and adopting a corporate culture prioritizing product safety compliance training and a commitment to continuing education.


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