Want to Drink More Water? A Straw Can Help.

strawIt all started when I was testing out our Large Insulated Sports Bottle with Straw Lid last month. It looked like a great water bottle for working out and taking on hikes because of its large capacity and straw lid. I figured the straw lid would help my clumsy self from spilling everywhere! Long story short, this bottle quickly because my favorite and I was using it every day. Whether I was working from home all day or taking it to a volleyball game, this bottle was perfect. Aside from its great features, I also noticed something else …I was drinking a lot more water! But why?

I figured it had to be because of the straw lid. All my other water bottles didn’t have a straw, so that was the only major change. When I was working from home, I found myself drinking from cups or glasses …so the same thing, no straw. So, I did what any sane person would do. I Googled it. And to no surprise I found my answer: straws help you drink more water! Across the board among different platforms, using a straw was highly recommended if you are wanting to drink more water. There doesn’t seem to be one big reason as to why that’s the case, but there are some theories. Like the fact that it’s more convenient! It’s way easier to pick up your bottle with one hand and take a sip from the straw while driving, working, cooking, walking, etc. You don’t need both hands to remove the lid and you don’t have to worry about spilling all over yourself. This might seem like a miniscule thing, but these little sips all day really add up! You also are more likely to drink more water per sip when using a straw than you are without. So you’re physically drinking more water each time you grab your bottle!

Whatever the reason may be, I’m happy that I started the year off drinking more water thanks to my water bottle with a straw lid. Here’s a few of our other favorite water bottles and tumblers that have straws!

Camelbak Eddy Tritan Renew 25 oz

Aviana Luxe Straw Tumbler

Sleek Stainless Steel Tumbler

Bike Bottle with Straw

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