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Custom Water Bottles: Material Costs

If you’re thinking about purchasing custom water bottles with your own logo or design on it, you might have a lot of questions! One of them being: how much do custom water bottles cost anyway? One quick Google search will tell you: the cost of these items varies quite a bit! The most significant factor that affects the price: the material your bottle is made with! Continue reading

Custom Can Koozies: Customize Your Own!

Picture this: you’re out on a sunny day, enjoying a refreshing beverage with friends and family. But as the minutes pass, you notice your drink getting warm under the scorching sun. The solution? Custom can koozies, the ultimate accessory to keep your drinks cool and your brand sizzling! Add your unique twist to this amazing tumbler and watch your business and your audience thrive! Continue reading

Building Relationships: 3 Ways to Retain Clients!

In today’s competitive business landscape, retaining clients is just as important as acquiring new ones. Building strong, long-lasting client relationships can lead to repeat business, referrals, and a positive reputation for your company. There are many ways to retain clients, depending on the industry and the services or products that you offer. But no matter what you do or where you do it, there are a few top tips for retaining clients that we swear by. Let’s get into it! Continue reading

Custom Reusable Water Bottles with Your Logo!

In a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, businesses are seeking innovative ways to promote their brands while contributing to a sustainable future. One such eco-friendly marketing strategy is the use of custom reusable water bottles with logos. These bottles not only serve as a practical and functional gift but also convey a powerful message of sustainability and responsibility. Let’s delve into the benefits of custom reusable water bottles and explore why they make a remarkable promotional item! Continue reading

Our Top 6 Water Bottles for College Students

water bottles for collegeWe have lots and lots of clients involved in our future’s higher education. From universities and colleges to campus organizations and clubs, we have a wide range of custom reusable water bottles to meet everyone’s needs! We’ve compiled a list of our top 6 favorite water bottles for college campuses!

Sustainability departments, university bookstores, and student groups are all working towards reducing plastic waste by offering custom water bottles. We are proud to partner with colleges across the country to provide bottles to students!

So, in no particular order, here are the top six water bottles for college students from our website! Continue reading

Custom Water Bottles: Five Things That Matter

custom water bottlesCustom water bottles printed with an organization’s logo or messaging are super popular! It seems that a perfect storm has been brewing for several years between environmental awareness, government intervention, and a growing trend towards better health (for ourselves and the planet). The result is a trend towards reusable water bottles that shows no signs of letting up!

Whatever your reason is for choosing a project involving custom water bottles, there are some things to know as you evaluate and ultimately choose a bottle for your branding. Continue reading

H2go Water Bottles: Exceptional Promotional Products!

In the world of promotional products, few items combine utility, sustainability, and branding potential as effectively as custom water bottles. When it comes to choosing the perfect water bottle for your promotional needs, h2go water bottles are an excellent choice. There are a lot of options out there, so why bother with this series of bottles? Let’s delve into why h2go water bottles make great promotional products, highlighting their quality, versatility, and eco-friendly credentials! Continue reading

Glass Reusable Water Bottles: What to Love!

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and personal well-being, reusable water bottles have emerged as an essential accessory. Among the numerous materials available for these eco-conscious containers, glass stands out as a top choice. There are a lot of benefits of reusable water bottles made from glass, from environmental friendliness to health advantages! Continue reading

Which Company Party Favors Are Best?

Company parties are a fantastic way to build camaraderie among your employees and show appreciation for their hard work. One essential aspect of any memorable company gathering is the party favors! These tokens of appreciation not only create a sense of unity but also serve as promotional tools for your brand. So, you’re probably wondering what the best company party favors are, so let’s check out some of our favorites! Continue reading

Promotional Products: Why Choosing Seasonal Items Matters!

new arrivalsIn the world of marketing and promotional strategies, the choice of promotional products can make or break a campaign. While there are numerous factors to consider when selecting these items, one often overlooked aspect is the seasonality factor. Understanding the importance of choosing seasonal items for your promotional products can significantly boost your marketing efforts! Let’s explore why aligning your promotional products with the seasons matters and how it can benefit your brand! Continue reading