Custom Glass Water Bottles: Your New Favorite Bottles!

Custom Glass Water BottlesYou wouldn’t think that custom glass water bottles would be all that amazing but think again! We love custom glass water bottles because they add an elevated, stylish touch to all the water bottles on the market. A glass bottle feels study and weighted in your hand, and it’s a very pure material to use as a drinking vessel.

Custom glass water bottles are perfect for days in the office, or for hanging out with friends. We love the sleekness of glass bottles since they add an extra touch to our day. If you want to know more about custom glass water bottles, then keep reading below!

Our Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle is a great option when for a glass bottle that has more of a casual, laid back vibe. This bottle can hold 16 oz. and features a double-cap design. The wide mouth opening is perfect to fit ice cubes inside, and the top lid has a finger hold for comfortable grabbing. The lid also screws into a drinking spout which is perfect for easy sipping.

If you do want a something sleeker, then you should try our Glass Tumbler with Bamboo Lid. This 20 oz. tumbler has a soft-grip silicone sleeve which is great for holding this bottle. The non-slip bottom also keeps things in place and steady. The bamboo push-on lid adds an elevated look and the Tritan straw is sturdy and durable. If you like we can also print or engrave right on the lid!

What about glass bottles for an active lifestyle? We suggest our Glass Bottle with Silicone Tether. This 22 oz. bottle also has a soft-grip silicone sleeve along with a silicone handle that tethers to the stainless steel lid. The silicone handle helps keep the lid from getting lost. We also love that you can wrap it around a strap to keep it secure.

Glass is great for a sleek and stylish look, but they can be limiting depending on your requirements. They often have fewer imprint color options than other reusable water bottles. This is especially true for glass bottles that have a silicone sleeve. If you have a specific imprint color in mind, than glass bottles might not be the best option.

Custom glass water bottles are a hidden gem, and we want you to discover them! They’re classy enough to bring to the office, but also casual enough to use every day. We love custom glass water bottles and we know that once you get your hands on one, you’ll fall in love too!

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