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Glass Reusable Water Bottles: What to Love!

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and personal well-being, reusable water bottles have emerged as an essential accessory. Among the numerous materials available for these eco-conscious containers, glass stands out as a top choice. There are a lot of benefits of reusable water bottles made from glass, from environmental friendliness to health advantages! Continue reading

Are Glass Water Bottles Better?

Glass TumblersIn the quest for a sustainable lifestyle, choosing the right water bottle is crucial. Amidst the sea of options, glass water bottles have emerged as a popular choice for environmentally conscious individuals. With their sleek aesthetics, durability, and health benefits, glass water bottles offer a compelling alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Let’s delve into the many advantages of glass water bottles, from their eco-friendliness to their impact on personal well-being! Continue reading

Choosing the Best Custom Glass Water Bottles

Glass TumblersThere are a lot of different bottles to choose from, and one major factor in that decision is the material of the bottle. Glass water bottles are a popular choice for many reasons, but how do you go about choosing the right one? Believe it or not, not all glass is created equal, which means that there ARE material differences to consider when shopping for the best custom glass water bottles for your project. Continue reading

The Best Water Bottles Made with Natural Materials

Glass TumblersThere are thousands (probably millions) of water bottle options out there to choose from. Each claiming to be good for the environment, sustainable, recyclable, and more. It’s hard to decipher which bottles are greenwashing and which bottles are actually worth your time. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of water bottles that are perfect for brands who are prioritizing sustainability and conscious consumerism. Wondering what the best water bottle is that’s made with natural materials? Check out our list below of some of our favorites. Continue reading

Feel Fancy With Glass Tumblers and Bottles

Glass Tumblers Sometimes you want to feel fancy and elevated. While we want to spend an arm and a leg on a fancy dinner or day at the spa, we must find other options. Glass tumblers and bottles are a great way to feel fancy without spending tons of money. The glass material is sleek and brings some elegance to the table.

One of the most important parts of glass tumblers are the lids. Glass tumblers and bottles can have a straw or a regular lid. It all depends on the project you have coming up and what you like best! No matter which type of bottle you want we can help you find a great fit. Continue reading

Custom Glass Water Bottles: Your New Favorite Bottles!

Custom Glass Water BottlesYou wouldn’t think that custom glass water bottles would be all that amazing but think again! We love custom glass water bottles because they add an elevated, stylish touch to all the water bottles on the market. A glass bottle feels study and weighted in your hand, and it’s a very pure material to use as a drinking vessel.

Custom glass water bottles are perfect for days in the office, or for hanging out with friends. We love the sleekness of glass bottles since they add an extra touch to our day. If you want to know more about custom glass water bottles, then keep reading below! Continue reading

What’s The Perfect Event For Promotional Water Bottles?

Promotional Water BottlesSummer is a time of celebration, warm weather, and giving back. What better way to leave a lasting impression than with promotional water bottles? Giving the gift of a promotional bottle helps advertise your brand while also giving a gift that is useful any time of the year.

Finding promotional water bottles that fit whatever event or project you are hosting is something you need to focus on. Having a promotional bottle that fits the event or project that you are working on helps tie everything together. Water bottles come in endless shapes and sizes, so trying to figure out which one works best for you can be challenging. Continue reading

H2go Bottles: Not Your Basic Bottles

H2go BottlesReusable bottles are something you want to make sure you have the best of. The best quality, the best use, and the best look. Promotional h2go bottles are a collection of bottles that come in all different shapes and materials. This collection of bottles is a popular option for events of all shapes and sizes!

We love promotional h2go bottles since we can always find the perfect bottle for any event. They come in such a variety of styles you can never get bored! We’re going to introduce to our new h2go products we added to our site and why we picked them. We love these bottles, and we know you will too! Continue reading

Product Review: H2Go Frosted Rincon Glass Bottle

H2Go Frosted Glass Rincon BottleWe just added some great new products to our bottle page, and we wanted to review one for you! Our new H2Go Frosted Glass Rincon Bottle is a staff favorite. This show-stopping bottle is beautiful and easy to use. With so many amazing features, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you all about it!

We love testing out different water bottles to see how they stack up. Each water bottle is handpicked, to make sure that we’re only offering the best. Our staffer Mary has been using this bottle for the past two weeks. She noticed a lot about these glass bottles. Read along because we’re breaking down the pros and cons of our H2Go Frosted Glass Rincon bottle. Continue reading

Water Bottle Materials: A Basic Breakdown

Bottle MaterialsWhen you think of a reusable water bottle, you’re probably not thinking about the material it’s made out of. The material that these bottles are made will change the function that each bottle has! Not all bottles are made with the same function in mind. Some water bottle materials are equipped to carry hot liquids. Some only carry cold options. With all the options, it’s good to know the difference.

Knowing the difference in water bottle materials will help you narrow down your options! With so many options it’s hard to decide. We’re here to help you understand what makes each material different. Every material is unique, so the best way to tell what you’ll like is by doing some research. Let us help you! Below we’re breaking down each material and why we love them! That way you can choose the best bottle for you. Continue reading