Five Reasons Why Buying a USA Bottle is a Smart Move!

hubusa24-allChoosing a USA made bottle for your promotional needs is not a monumental task. Thanks to technology and readily available plastics manufacturers in our country, finding bottles made here is rather easy. Especially when using the Bulletin Bottle site; just click on the Made in USA tab! However, you won’t find USA bottles made from metal, because of the costs and lack of available resources.

From cheap bike bottles to high-value Tritan, we offer a wide selection of custom printed USA bottles to fit your marketing goals. However, you may be wondering why you’d bother buying a USA-made bottle. Well, here are 5 reasons why selecting one makes great sense:

1. Jobs. Making bottles takes machines, of course, but it also takes manpower. The warehouses need a wide range of different workers at all levels, so by purchasing a USA-made bottle, you help to keep those jobs here! When you buy your custom USA-made bottle, you keep friends, neighbors, and family members employed. That’s good for all of us!

2. Social responsibility. We have a strong stance on social responsibility (read all about it here), but a lot of the potential problems with some overseas factories just aren’t issues here because the USA has laws against things like child labor. Above all, choosing USA made items means you can rest easy knowing that social responsibility is checked off your list!

3. Product safety. USA factories are more keyed into product safety, FDA requirements, and toxic chemicals—and proactively work to ensure their items meet safety regulations. However, that’s not to say that bottles made in other countries aren’t as safe—when you buy from us, they are because we take product safety very seriously, but not all companies do.

4. Carbon footprint. You’ll reduce your impact on our planet by sourcing locally made water bottles. For instance, instead of shipping something from across the world, which takes a ton of energy and resources to do so, it’s shipped from a lot closer! This takes considerably less energy and resources to do so. They don’t have to travel around the world to reach you!Bike Water Bottle

5. Union approved. Need a union bug? Ask us for suggestions on a USA bottle that’s union made and printed (we have a bunch!). Feel good knowing you are supporting our country’s union workforce! We love offering bags that support the workers who make it all possible!

These are just a few of the many reasons why purchasing a USA-made bottle is a great idea! Support your local economy and fellow workers, ensure a high-quality product, support socially responsible vendors, and reduce your carbon footprint! What more could we ask for?! If you have any questions about USA-made bottles, reach out and we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

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